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The Scandinavian touch

Lisbeth Salander interested us in all things Swedish, it’s true, but their designs had us captivated long before she appeared on the scene. There’s something about Swedish – indeed all of Scandinavian design – that sets it apart from the rest of the world. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland are well-known for their designs that celebrate simplicity, functionality, and minimalism.

The iconic Scandinavian look includes white walls, streamlined wood furniture, white linens, smart accents, modern lighting fixtures, standout prints, and simple flower arrangements.

Recreate this wonderful look in your home with these tips:

Neutral hues

White rules

It’s true, but the entire neutral palette is waiting to be explored. Pale blue, ivory, ecru, cream, cool grey, ash green – these muted tones go hand in hand with Scandinavian design.

Wooden floors

The use of wood – mostly white in colour – is rampant. Otherwise, use light wood to make your room look open and airy, and put the focus on clean lines. Clean grey tiles also create a cool ambience.

Big windows

Most rooms in Scandinavian homes have floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of daylight. The sun remains high in the sky till midnight, letting natural light stream in way past nightfall.

Form and function

Scandinavian design weds the two seamlessly. So all homes are rich in things that are functional and beautiful.

Stylish furniture

All Scandinavian furniture – new or old – has a few things in common: clean lines, quality material and attention to detail. This makes the simplest furniture akin to a piece of art.

Soft furnishings

Use soft furnishings to soften the streamlines look. Toss throw cushions across your sofa, dress your table with a runner, or add luxurious drapes to the window. Use a variety of pale greys – dove, pale, blue and others – and add colours like purple, burgundy and marsala.

Corner fireplace

The long winter makes a functional fireplace a must. The Scandinavians like to place theirs in a corner, sans a mantle. If you live in cold climes, an electric fireplace can add an eclectic touch.

Smart storage

This is essential to creating the spacious and expansive Scandinavian look. Built-ins offer a streamlined look and let you stash away all clutter that families accumulate.

Traditional textiles

For decades, homes in Scandinavia have showcased their innovative textiles in the form of rugs. They add colour, character and create a warm ambience.

Dining space

Scandinavians are big on socialising and a large dining table and chairs are part of every home. String up a sleek pendant lamp atop the table and enjoy dinner time.

Cosy candlelight

With dark days and darker nights a part of their life, Scandinavians use lots of candles to add warmth, light and coziness. Let’s face it: Who and what doesn’t look better by candlelight?

Keep things simple

Simplicity has always been the cornerstone of Scandinavian design. Ensure that you only keep around what you need, and those things – furniture, furnishings or accents – are of use.

Au naturale

Everyone seeks inspiration from nature. Look around and fill your home with objects that resonate with the feel of nature.

Pebbled pathways, furniture that exposes the wood grain, driftwood lamps and the like will create the Scandi ambience.

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