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Shameera PR

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Thiruvananthapuram-based YouTuber Shameera PR’s recipe for success

Food is a sure-fire recipe to grab eyeballs and who would know it better than Shameera PR. Her recipe on Egg Fry Roast has had 2,423,810 views so far, while her recipes on Bread Ball, Okra Masala Roast and Homemade Chocolates have had 2,670,318, 1,533,607 and 1,405,044 clicks respectively.

And while, Shameera is thrilled with the viral viewership of the drool-inducing videos, she is currently afloat on cloud nine as her YouTube page, Shamees Kitchen, has surpassed one million subscribers. “It feels surreal. It’s hard to believe that my channel is keenly watched by millions,” says the YouTube sensation who is grabbing attention for her simple cooking style.

It all began when a friend encouraged Shameera to shoot cooking videos to boost her spirits as she was feeling low after her father’s demise. “My friend knew I enjoyed cooking and that I had dreams of becoming a chef but couldn’t due to various reasons. As she was persistent, to humour her, we shot three videos and uploaded them on YouTube,” says Shameera, who was preparing for the Kerala Public Service Commission examination at the time.

Things however took a different turn when the videos began garnering views and she began receiving positive feedback. “I was hesitant to do such videos as I tend to speak in a sing song manner and wondered if people would accept the way I spoke. When people began writing in on how they liked my style of speech, I felt confident. Also, one of the videos, which featured a kitchen tip on how to clean a tea sieve, went viral and boosted my confidence even further.” And so, from just a handful of subscribers in 2017 to a lakh in 2018 and 10 lakh in 2019, Shameera is on a roll.

Cooking, according to Shameera, has always been a passion right from the time she used to watch her mother, Rafiyath, in the kitchen. “I don’t really remember when I began operating the stove. It was an organic process, from helping my mom slice the vegetables, to helping her add the spices to a dish to finally making a dish of my own,” says Shameera, currently pursuing a master’s degree in social work from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

All her videos are shot by herself in the kitchen of her home in Nemom, near Thiruvananthapuram. Also, most of the videos do not have her face in the frame. “I have moved on from using a mobile phone to using a camera. I shoot the videos, with the help of a tripod, on my camera. I angle the lens in such a way that it captures just my hands, the ingredients and the stove. I am shy to stand in front of the camera although two fans recognised me from one of the videos I had posted of myself,” says Shameera, who edits the videos herself.

She tries to post a new recipe daily. The recipes she shares are mostly Indian and are all tried and tested to “perfection” in her kitchen. With people hungry for food content, she receives requests right from tea-time snacks to desserts, which she obliges. “I have also posted quite a few tea recipes, one of them on Tandoori chai, which was unknown in the city then. I suspect some of the restaurants in town are following the recipe,” she giggles.

Marking a landmark
  • Shameera marked the crossing of one million subscribers on her YouTube channel by serving lunch to the residents of Kripatheeram, a home for the homeless at Venganoor, in Thiruvananthapuram

Shameera who has a substantial collection of cookery books says it’s a collection she has amassed over the years. “I would scout for cookery books from second hand bookshops even as a school student at Maranelloor DVMNNM Higher Secondary School.” She also loves Googling up the recipes of unfamiliar dishes she finds at the restaurants she visits and give them her own twists.

So, what’s next? “I hope to continue sharing new recipes to my viewers and continue receiving their love and encouragement.”

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