Watch: A school to learn the art of parotta-making

Ever thought of becoming a parotta master? You can enroll at Mohammed Khasim's parotta school in Madurai.

He runs a 30-day course that costs Rs. 5,000 His classes are already full, with as many as 50 students wanting to learn the art of making the perfect parotta.

He says that the city's undying love for the dish has led to a boom as it is now widely popular. It has also created a market in various other districts of Tamil Nadu and locations outside the country including Dubai, Sharjah, Malaysia, Singapore and the Maldives.

“This is why so many young people are waiting to learn how to make parottas. There is a large manpower shortage in the hotel industry as many people are unaware of the perfect way of rolling, shaping and making a parotta. Hoteliers in resorts outside India want to recruit south Indian masters because of our unique way of rolling out the dough without the help of a rolling pin. That is when I decided to open the school three years ago and impart my knowledge,” he says.

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