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Khichdi Experiment, an option on food apps, reinvents India's humble meal

Feel like having something light, something comforting? It should be tasty, of course, with a ‘familiarity of taste.’ For such a strict combination of food desire, khichdi fits the bill for many. Those who mostly rely on food apps to meet their day’s craving and hunger surely must have come across khichdi experiment. It is a flagship brand of Ola Foods, and the menu lists classic home-style meals “thus creating a differentiator from the clutter in the market. KE has given the humble dish a modern twist and redefined it into a wholesome, healthy, versatile and exciting everyday meal,” says Anshul Khandelwal, head of marketing and revenue at Ola Foods. To start off, the brand introduced 16 variants and along with two non-vegetarian variants on its menu.

Khichdi Experiment, an option on food apps, reinvents India's humble meal

The idea of starting khichdi was fuelled by the need to introduce a home grown Indian dish that would have mass appeal. “Given the current food trend that is mostly centred around healthy choices, there weren’t too many Indian options. Then the western healthy food doesn’t really match with out taste factors,” adds Anshul.

According to Ola, food discussions with a team of food experts aided with studies on Indian food categories, khichdi topped the highest amount of nutritional value, awareness and penetration with people of all ages.

“With KE we wanted to break the myths associated the dish like khichdi is bland or sick people’s food. But with more and more Indians opting for a better lifestyle and home-cooked meals, khichdi as a dish has become their go-to meal. KE is shattering all the misconception about khichdi by serving it in 18 different variations. The selections range from palak paneer, mumbaiya pav bhaji and kerala mathan khichdi to murg dalcha khichdi. Each flavour being a play on a classic dish from states across the country,” he adds. What is khichdi without papad and pickles. So each khichdi comes with a little accompaniment of that as well.

To make things interesting there are sides like tandoori soya chaap, dhaba style aloo, tandoori kathal and more, that can be ordered too.

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