‘Food is more about emotions than looks’

There was a time when everyone wanted their children to be an engineer or a doctor. Arvind Prasad was also expected to follow a similar path. “My heart was not in it,” says Arvind. “I thought why can’t I take up something different, which will help me be creative as well. Those days a career as a chef was just taking off in India. So immediately, with my engineering admission, I enrolled for a hotel management course.”

Arvind says his parents were disappointed and shocked and thought he might change his mind. “But 23 years on and I am still wearing my white cap,” smiles Arvind describing himself as “creative and passionate. I love the world of baking, it is the technique that challenges me to create custom-made desserts.”

‘Food is more about emotions than looks’

Desserts, says Arvind, are more like a luxury product. The creativity, special ingredients, and artistic dimension all go into making it a work of art.

Arvind also has many awards to his credit — he was awarded the World Chocolate Master 2014, represented India in “the Star of Chocolate 2016 (held in Rimini, Italy). Besides these he has participated in the “Malaysian Chocolate Master” in 2014 and says he was also one of the key persons involved in the dessert conceptualisation at Fabelle Chocolate Boutique, ITC Hotels. The crown in his chef’s cap is the Young Pastry Chef Award he received in 2013.

Arvind says he loves the world of chocolates. “You can get as creative as possible with these dark brown treats. Here, you not only get to play around with the ingredients but carve them out to be works of art.”

After years of working “with the best chefs across the globe”, he decided to start his own school, The Whitecaps.

“I chose the word Whitecaps, as that is the very first thing a chef does once he enters the kitchen,” says Arvind, who adds that the way we look at food is not just about how it looks on your plate, but also about emotions.

‘Food is more about emotions than looks’

“The feeling that one goes through while making a dish to plating it... it is all an emotion, experienced by the one who cooks and by the one who eats.”

Arvind also conducts many programmes in The Whitecaps. “They are learning capsules for people of varied interest but all related to baking.”

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