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When in Asia Zega at Sheraton will woo the taste buds with the well crafted Asian specialities.

When in Asia Zega at Sheraton will woo the taste buds with the well crafted Asian specialities.  

Zega at Sheraton is the place to have Asian while admiring tall buildings of multinational companies in the financial district

The last time I was here was to dine at Inazia and Chime. A plush Asian eatery at The Sheraton. The menu was exotic, the decor was elite and the dishes superbly crafted. This time when I visited the place, the name changed to Zega but that didn't alter anything with the menu. In fact there is a lot more improvisation to convert the menu into working-lunch friendly. Quick, easy and tasty for sure.

Zega is an Asian inspired, modern and easy living social space. Located on tenth floor of Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel overlooking the city’s beautiful landscape, the place has retained its upscale Asian speciality restaurant tag making it perfect for socialising over a dining or evening cocktail experience. Zega's menu is ideal for those who enjoy a perfect sit down lunch and for those who love to eat anything good and still return back to work.

Designed on the lines of an interactive dining joint this stylish yet casual dining place's meals in a bowl is worth trying. They call it a meal in a bowl, but the servings are quite generous and Chef Ming doesn't believe in compromising on presentation and ingredients.

When in Asia Zega at Sheraton will woo the taste buds with the well crafted Asian specialities.

When in Asia Zega at Sheraton will woo the taste buds with the well crafted Asian specialities.  

The starters menu is tempting enough for anyone to go over board while ordering. Oh, nobody orders anything here unless they have played a little quiz with the chips they have to offer on the table. The orange-tinged chips are sweet, slightly thicker than potato chips, isn't flaky or crumbly, it isn't the usual prawn crackers, neitheris it made of rice or flour. After a couple of bowls as one gives up, the answer is a surprising one. It turns out that the chips are made of the red-pumpkin.

The other edible-thing on the table which is unstoppable is the green dip. Made of a fresh ingredient, the finely minced green spice, combined with a speciality oil makes it good to go with everything you eat. We were suggested to order Pan fried Chicken dimsum. The Pan fried dimsums has to be the best I have had in any eatery in Hyderabad. Soft, yet firm, they were non chewy and very flavourful. Unwillingly, I tried their silken tofu. The chef wouldn't let me proceed to the next course unless I tried the tofu starter which he is proud of.

Honestly, if tofu was served the way Chef Ming did, tofu would have been my favourite vegetarian food. There are four dips to accompany the food of which the spring onion dip and spicy chilli paste have to be the best.

At Zega the team takes pride in its sushis. To prove their point came a colourful sushi platter and the fact that the Salmon Sushi was the best of all makes this place a winner when it comes to serving sushis. By now there was no space for food, but chef wasn't done. After showing his expertise in Asian food he wanted to show us his skills in making Indian Chinese. So what best than offering a plate of tangra chicken. There was also lamb chops on a bed of coal.

After all that there wasn’t any place for main course, so we skipped to dessert, which was three varieties of homemade ice cream. The ice cream platter consisted a scoop of green matcha, salted caramel and fresh coconut each.


Where: Hotel Sheraton, Financial district

What: Asian speciality

When: Lunch and dinner

Table for two: ₹ 1200 approx

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