Make fantastic filter kaapi


The defining characteristics of a good filter  kaapi are its aroma, body and a delectable patina on the palate. Pure coffee - either Arabica or Robusta - doesn't have body and chicory gives the requisite body and creaminess that is desired.

The roasting, blend and grind of the coffee differs from house to house. The grind shouldn't be too fine or coarse, only medium; otherwise the decoction will not have the right consistency.


Coffee powder, fresh roasted and medium ground; 80% pure coffee + 20 % chicory - 150 gm

Boiled water, brought to 95 degree C - 500 ml

Fresh cow's milk, boiling - 600 ml

Sugar - to taste

Equipment required: 

Coffee filter, pan, dabara-tumbler set.


   Boil water in a pan.

   Wash the interiors of the filter with boiling water in order to make it wet and hot

  Using a spoon, pack the coffee powder slightly in the filter.

   Sprinkle some water on the coffee. Pour the remaining water gently on the coffee and close the filter. Let the decoction trickle down for the next 15 minutes.

   Boil fresh milk without adding water or sugar.

   Pour 30 ml decoction in a tumbler, add 150 ml milk, 1 tbsp sugar and mix well by pouring back and forth using a dabara.

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