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Yoga for relief from lower back pain


Matsyasana (Supported fish pose)

To practise this pose you will require a few cushions and bolsters.

Sit on the floor and place the one bolster behind the spine and one bolster under the knees.

Lie down on the bolster with the spine and the back of the head resting on the bolster and make sure that the hips are resting on the floor. Stretch the legs forward and keep the legs hip legs together, extending the toes outwards. Relax the shoulders and soften the facial muscles.

Now lift the arms up and stretch them back bend the elbows and cup the palms to hold the elbows. lengthen the sides of the waist and the armpits.

Breathing deeply. Stay in this pose for 25 minutes breathing normally.

Roll of the bolster towards the right and bend the knees towards the chest and then sit up.

Benefits: This poses releases the tension from the lower back by decompressing the lower back. It expands the chest and expands the lungs improving the breathe.

Supta Baddha Konasana reelinin butterfly pose

To practise this pose you will need a bolster

Sit with your legs straight in front of you, Place the bolster under the arch of the lower back, keeping the hips on the floor.

Lie down on the bolster, make sure the head touches the floor, and bend the knees touch the soles together . Lift the arms up and back and relax the shoulders and the facial muscles.

Breathe deeply holding the pose for 25 breaths. To release the pose, strainghten the legs and roll the body to the right and then lift the torso and sit up and then release the pose.

Benefits: This is a classic pose in the asana practise as it benefits the entire body. Apart of being an excellent hip opener. It stimulates the abodminal organs, the ovaries, kidneys. It stimulates the heart and improves circulation. The booster supports the arch of the lower back and releases all tension in the lower spine.

Padhastasana Forward Bend

To practise this pose you will need a soft bolster

Stand with legs hip distance apart , keep the bolster between the thigh and the belly hold the bolster with both hands.

Inhale elongate the spine and on an Exhale extend forward from the hips, bend the knees and press the bolster holding it between the thigh and belly, bend the elbows and hold the elbows with the alternate palms.

Stay in this pose for 15 breathes.

To release the pose hold the bolster lift the head up, and release the palms . lift the torso up and relax.

Benefits: This forward bending pose release tension from the torso and releases stress from the lower back.

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