What is aqua yoga?

Athletic swimmer smiling at camera underwater in the swimming pool at the leisure centre  

Ever felt like jumping into a pool of lukewarm water, to destress? It isn’t uncommon any more, to find people sporting swimwear, and stretching in pools. . After water aerobics and aqua circuits, aqua yoga is slowly picking up, and is especially popular with those in rehab, who’re nursing injuries.

Aqua yoga is a relatively young form of yoga that requires a person to perform the asanas in water. But the postures are often tweaked, according to what can be done in this medium, like any other aqua exercise. For instance, the standing poses are not altered majorly but due to the water level in the pool, seated, prone and supine poses can’t be performed as they are. “We use the wall and aqua noodles to help with balance while performing sitting postures. It also helps in core engagement and builds hand strength,” says S Kannan, at SARVA - Yoga Mindfullness and Beyond, Mumbai.

It’s not a classical form of yoga, but any water-based exercise comes with a host of benefits for people who are looking to exercise in a safe manner, says Mind.Fit yoga practitioner Divya Rolla, Chennai. Water, as a medium, allows people who have muscular and joint issues to relieve their muscles from soreness and cope with injuries. We unconsciously tend to hold a lot of tension in our foreheads, shoulders and necks. In water, however, this tension is released, as it helps relax the muscles. “Being in water is intrinsic to us, as we develop in water as foetuses,” says Divya, adding that for healthy people, however, regular yoga sessions are always recommended.

The temperature of the water also plays an important role in aqua yoga, says Suman. “If the water is warm, there will be increased blood circulation, which will contribute to the effect,” Suman says.

While doing aqua yoga, the water level is usually up to the chest and 70% of the body weight is taken by the water. “The resistivity of the medium is what we tap into, in this form,” says Suman.

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