Trainer Mustafa Ahmed on going beyond the output for total fitness the output

Upon perusing social media for posts tagged 'workout', 'gains' and 'transformation Tuesday', the face of fitness is changing with much more emphasis placed upon the aesthetics rather than the conversation.

Workout wonder Mustafa Ahmed is changing that through his company Akro and at a Mercedes-Benz event in the city over the weekend, the bonafide trainer gave a talk about the diverse facets of fitness.

Sitting down, he mentions he's just returned from a filling lunch of non-vegetarian delights in true Telangana-style at Rayalaseema Ruchulu. “I come to the city for the food,” he smiles, adding with his frequent visits as his wife used to attend ISB here, the food discourse being top notch is a cherry on the cake.

(Ranveer Singh) is very respectful and the living definition of the term ‘turn on the beast,’ making him one of the strongest people I’ve worked with. Mustafa Ahmed

“When people meet me for the first time, some assume I don't know my head from my toes,” he admits, which very much alludes to the unfair stigma society has about crossfit trainers. Mumbai-based Mustafa runs Akro, a training centre where he’s seen his fair share of transformative experiences on all scales. Greek for ‘extreme,’ Akro is the reason we see Ranveer Singh and Hrithik Roshan not just stand by with rippling muscles but also tackle many stunts with ease, proving there’s so much more to Mustafa’s fitness philosophy. One has to really examine the state of the mind and soul. “It’s something I strongly believe in. If you’re in a hard place emotionally, it shows in your body language and in terms of training, it definitely shows in how you tackle routines.”

But things haven’t been so easy for Mustafa; he recalls times of lacking motivation or when he wasn’t sure where his life was headed, but it all turned around, explaining, “There was a time when I was just a boy in a gym, where I was just mesmerised by all these people who had amazing physiques. Then I transitioned into a new city and worked hard. I had come into contact with Hrithik Roshan as a client and couldn’t have dreamed of that. So then I moved into making my own business.”

He adds that the notions of worry and fear coupled with lacking motivation for long time periods that often stop people from believing in their own product. On that note, it explains why he doesn’t surround himself with people outside his close circle.

Connections are everything

Connecting and communicating with people about wellness is an art he’s still honing, “You cannot crack the code; it’s a combination of luck and working really hard at this skillset. I think the best way to really tackle communication is to really care for you client. For me, if it’s Hrithik Roshan or someone else who walks into my gym and shows some kind of effort. I put in that effort and I show that I care. That’s what makes you see through people and see what really works. There are people who feel really out of place and somewhat scared as they walk into a gym, so how you approach them is important. You have to ensure they’re not treated differently.” Mustafa recalls that there have been times where he’s also sat with a client for ages and just talked with them; after all, he strongly believes easing internal pressures off someone can do wonders for the mind, making for a more streamlined wellness journey. “It cannot just be all about training, training, training,” he concludes.

Training Ranveer

Trainer Mustafa Ahmed on going beyond the output for total fitness the output

Training Ranveer for Padmaavat was a transformative experience for Mustafa, purely because he says the times the actor is in the gym is when he’s not acting. “He’s very respectful and the living definition of the term ‘turn on the beast,’ making him one of the strongest people I’ve worked with. For someone who’s come out of an injury, he’s fearless. We all know his energy levels, but when it comes to strength and performance, he aces. He’s basically the type of guy who walks in confident and when he walks out, the tank better be empty, not even five percent reserve.”

Working with the energetic chameleon actor has taught Mustafa that there’s no bad time to work out, adding, “Self-motivation is his ethos. I’ve never seen him look at someone else and see that as an inspiration; it’s purely him. He knows what he’s after in terms of a role or dynamics and that’s inspiring on its own. He used to ask me a lot about my mindset and where I’m headed; understanding each other’s mindsets is important. So if people are ever lucky to see him work out, there’s no faking that rage or agony. He’s literally given sweat and blood in a scene and the intensity of the workouts match that.”

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