Walk forwards, backwards, sideways. Lift the legs as you walk, to complete a circular motion, getting the whole foot to touch the ground. This will aid in knee, ankle and hip mobility. It will also help the stabiliser muscles to develop. These are muscles that contribute to strengthening the bond between the bones in a joint.

    Hold the sides of the pool with face upwards and arms stretched out on the sides. Perform a cycling motion, open-close scissors movement, flutter kicks, reverse crunch, to work the core, glutes, and back.

    Take into the pool empty water bottles and go deep enough to your shoulders. On land, gravity pulls down weights. In water, you will need to push down, whether you do lateral arm raises, bicep curls, tricep extensions, or a chest press. Too nervous to go submerge your shoulders? Simply squat in the part of the pool you’re most comfortable and the arm exercises. You’ve got a compound workout without making too much of an effort.