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Nix the zit, treat the rash, care for under-eye bags, all in time for Deepavali

OD-ed on sugar and oil? Skimped on sleep and water? And it’s showing on your skin? But those may not be the only reasons why your skin is acting out. “A common cause of skin sensitivity is air pollution, and that becomes worse with the crackers,” says Dr Renita Rajan, chief consultant cosmetic dermatologist at RENDER Skin & Hair Clinic, Chennai. Plus, with everyone rushing to the beautician to get ‘fixed’ for the festivity, parlours may skimp on hygiene at this time. Facials, if done in an unhygienic way, can trigger a problem like a skin rash. Here are common skin issues, overnight remedies, and the real reasons you face them in the first place.


Trigger: “If you have an acne-prone skin, this can be due to an over-indulgence of sugar and dairy,” says Mumbai-based dermatologist, Dr Rashmi Shetty. So, avoid sweets completely for the next couple of days. “Oil applications on the scalp can give rise to an oil folliculitis on the scalp and cause or worsen pimples on the face,” warns Dr Rajan.

Treatment: If you see a fresh pimple popping up, try this home remedy: cut a garlic clove and put it on the pimple to stop it from growing. “Apply an ice cube or a calamine lotion for their calming properties. You can also go for a cooling Fuller’s earth face pack or a clay mask to shrink the redness,” says Dr Shetty. Opt for an antibiotic cream recommended by a dermatologist, if the zits look severe, she adds.


Trigger: “Often, an oil application all over the body can cause a prickly-heat-like rash on the body,” says Dr Rajan. Excessive sweat, tight clothes (in uncomfortable fabrics), exposure to sharp sunlight or wind can also cause an irritation around the neck, arms, back and thigh area.

Treatment: Apply an antiseptic cream like Boroline or aloe vera gel to soothe the skin. Take a quick cold shower bath to get rid of blocked sweat glands and wear something that’s skin-friendly (in natural fibres like cotton or silk). Keep your skin moisturised (use a lotion at least twice a day) and stay hydrated.


Trigger: Lifestyle changes, including a lot of alcohol and staying up late, breaking regular sleep-time rituals and routines can cause this issue.

Treatment: “Place chilled tea bags on the eyes to reduce puffiness. Massage the eye muscles in a circular motion to stimulate lymphatic drainage,” suggests Dr Shetty. Chill a sliced potato in the freezer and then place it on the eyes; the starch in it will lighten the pigmentation. “For prevention, keep sipping warm water and put a warm cloth over the face for a few minutes to decongest the sinuses. Avoid sleeping with your face down,” says Dr Rajan.


Trigger: “An oil massage on an excessively dirty scalp (or when there’s dandruff) can cause infection in your hair follicles and develop acne on the scalp. Washing your hair with hot water can also cause redness or boils on the scalp,” says Dr Shetty.

Treatment: “Avoid applying oil on the scalp, hot water baths, and too much rubbing of the scalp with a towel,” says Dr Shetty. To combat dandruff, get an anti-fungal shampoo. “Also, use a hand sanitiser (or wash your hands) after you touch your scalp. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic cream, and if the boils are extensive, a course of oral medicines may also be needed,” warns Dr Rajan.

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