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Did you say quitters’ day?

Quitters’ Day is for real , but not in the life of those who have embraced fitness as a life-long goal

New Year resolutions are as common as blowing candles over a birthday cake. While some may find resolutions silly, some others draw out a list of resolutions with utmost dedication. Fitness happens to be one of the most popular resolutions. How far they achieve their goal or how serious they are about it a only for them to say. Memes galore that make fun of the many fitness resolutions. That apart, did you know that there’s a lot of research that goes into fitness resolutions and the day it dies?

Research conducted by Strava, (a social fitness network used to track cycling and running exercises) using over 800 million user-logged activities in 2019 predicts the day most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s resolution —-January 19. Strava designated January 19 as ‘Quitters Day’ for fitness-related resolutions.

Disagreeing with Strava’s prediction, Sai Kiran, a businessman shares how his journey towards fitness took him forward, “The Strava might have had non-dedicated users. I’m not a quitter. Fitness for me is a way of life. I have survived and I am living to enjoy every day because I decided to get fit the right way after learning my lesson from wrong fitness advice. I was obese from wrong food habits and erratic sleep patterns from my engineering days and was in a hurry to lose weight. In that process I have not only invested huge sums on trainers who would consult from abroad but also suggest my diet and supplements. Come to think of it, I did lose weight but at a cost. My health parameters flipped and I was rushed to a hospital with a health complication from wrong diet and supplements.”

Post that traumatic hospitalisation, Sai took it slow but was cautious to find the right fitness advisor. The task was hard because he wasn’t ready to trust anyone who spoke about unrealistic diets and supplements. “I want to stay fit to be happy. I found myself a trainer and he literally nursed me back to health through constant food consultation and then hand holding me to get the desired look for my body. So fitness for me doesn’t have an expiry date,” adds Sai.

Fitness and happiness is a known fact. According to a study published in the Strava website where 8000 people interviewed by Glasgow Caledonian University, it showed 89 percent of respondents were happier because they exercised regularly and 83 percent were more motivated to exercise by support .

Alay Razvi, a lawyer isn’t in favour of letting an app talk about Quitters’ Day. His modesty prevents him from calling himself a fitness freak; he simply says, “I strongly disagree with a ‘quitters’ day.’ You are basically saving yourself from the guilt of calling yourself a quitter. You move forward but never stay stagnant. And those who become stagnant basically go back to where they started from. I won’t quit from my fitness goals ever.”

Did you say quitters’ day?

Chetan Mallik is a fitness enthusiast who pursues endurance activities to spread awareness about the rare medical condition of acromegaly. He locks his fitness activities on Strava says there are two ways to look at Quitters’ Day. He, personally will never quit to workout because “my goal is different. Strava is a good fitness app to keep track of your fitness goals and there are many others too that anyone can use like- Endomodo, MapMyRun, MapMyRide etc. While it is always inspiring to see what other athletes are doing by being on an app, we have to always stay connected with our own unique purpose and not get overwhelmed by other athletes. Each one of us have a different level of preparedness and fitness and we should always respect that.”

Did you say quitters’ day?

The study on the contrary stated: While it’s certainly harder to achieve a huge goal than a small one, the difficulty of the goal you set isn't nearly as important as whether or not you develop the kind of habits that allow you to achieve that goal.

So it meant everything came down to developing new habits to successfully stay put to one’s fitness goals. “But isn’t that the way of life. Right from eating right, quitting bad habits like smoking, to being honest, beginning to dedicate a fixed hour for fitness; everything boils down to making it habit to see the success. More than agreeing and working on to get ‘a look’ I train my client to work with them to stay healthy along with with meeting their ‘looks’ goals,” says fitness consultant Bilon Aristotle.

So if you wish to get Jason Momoa’s looks that makes women and men go weak in their knees, first get the dedication he put for the role of Aquaman. “It might be a little too late to be Aquaman for me. I, however can never call it quits on my fitness routine. I discovered the joy of fitness activities when I decided to join a marathon and started working out. For many years, the first thing I do everyday after getting up is get ready for my workout,” says Chef Yogender Pal.

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