COVID-19: Here are 21-day regimens to meaningfully ride out the lockdown

Wondering what to do during the Covid-19 lockdown? Check out these 21-day programmes from Kochi’s influencers that help people choose ways to spend their time meaningfully.

21 days of wellness

NuvoVivo, the Kochi-based online health and fitness company, has launched a 21-day wellness challenge that began March 26. “It takes 21 days to form a habit,” says Rajiv Ambat, the founder. “Why not use this opportunity to start something positive?” According to Rajiv the depressing news about the virus has dampened people’s spirits and the idea is to spread some cheer. “There are a number of things one can do to improve overall well being. Not just eating healthy or exercising. You could learn a new skill, do a 10-minute meditation routine or call a friend whom you have not spoken to in a long time. All this could create a sense of positivity, says Rajiv.

Those who enrol will be added to a WhatsApp group, through which basic guidelines and assistance will be provided. Since it is a group challenge, there will be no one-on-one guidance, Rajiv clarifies.

Thara George

Thara George   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Each day will include small tasks such as 10 minutes of meditation, reading a book or calling a friend, along with videos of home-based simple exercises and breathing exercises. A few recipe ideas will also be shared.

The subscription fee will go towards Covid-19 related charity and care.

Create positive habits

Thara George, who formerly worked with Emirates airlnes and for the private jets of the Qatar royal family, reacted swiftly to the situation posting her video on YouTube on March 23. “Before we let this 21-day lockdown period go waste or people take time to decide what to do I immediately sent out this video related to fitness, yoga and healthy eating. It takes 21 days for a habit to become automated in your subconscious mind, like driving or brushing teeth. We can use this time to inculcate a positive habit.”

Let’s play Antakshari
  • If it’s music that you want and from the best, log onto the Instagram accounts of some of Kerala’s young and happening playback singers who are part of the #instantaksharichallenge. “It keeps us busy and have fun. One has to keep doing something and antakshari is one way of doing it,” says singer Renjini Jose.
  • Antakshari is a game where each singer sings a song, which begins with the last letter of the previous singer’s song. The tag game has had songs in seen the singers sing Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil songs have been rendered by Jyotsna Radhakrishnan, Vijay Yesudas, Rimi Tomy, Nithya Mammen, Jeenu Nazeer, Ravishankar and others in this tag game.are amon those who have participated.
  • Other Instagrammers have also jumped on to the bandwagon. It is not just singers even other Instagrammers have taken it up. Filmmaker Mohammed Sohal says, “How many movies or shows can you watch? Cook, read, gardening... there is a limit to how long one can do these. After a point you want to interact with others, and this challenge is a good way of doing in while practising social distancing.”
  • His friend, Mumbai-based actor/voice artist Veenah Naair, tagged him to the challenge. Though he doesn’t sing, his wife took up the challenge on his behalf. Veenah, who was tagged by friends who were part of a Hindi antakshari challenge on Instagram, says, “Music is a healer and in these difficult times it will help. Social media now plays an important role, it is the only way we can be in touch with each other.” she says. The singing creates a sense of community and that one is not alone in this despite the social isolation.

Thara’s concept of wellness is based on forming a good habit by practising it — sleeping, eating, exercising — at the same time everyday. She will add more videos about the specifics of positivity in the coming days.

She goes as stylethara on Instagram.

The yoga way

Yoga and wellness guru Sudkashna Thampi was quick to move her Yoga classes online and also opened them up for others during this period of isolation. “We must use this time for self love. It is so quiet and gives us time for introspection. Normally, on a busy day, we put this aspect aside,” says Sudakshna whose students have moved on to the video platform, Zoom, where she can see and guide them. “Everyone has tuned into it. It is new for many of us but it is friendly and clear. It is important I see how they are performing.

In addition to the Yoga classes, she will be livestreaming her food philosophy based on ‘Eat What Nature Intended You To Eat’ from her kitchen, at 8.00 am daily. This was in response to the misinformation on social media about immunity-boosting foods in the time of the corona virus.

The focus over the 21 days will be Movement (Yoga), Food, and Social Meet ups via social media. “At the end of the day, we are social beings and meetings, even if on social media, is a mood booster. It motivates you to do everything . I look at these days as regular working days except that you are working for yourself,” says Sudakshana.

She can be accessed on (sudakshna_ on Instagram)

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