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Too polluted outside? Here’s a home workout plan with the Bosu


This piece of equipment offers balance and stability, important components of any exercise programme

Endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and stability, and mindfulness are all major components of exercise, along with a supportive nutrition plan. In order to develop both the neurological and the physiological aspects of balance and stability, you can use your own body weight or exercise on unstable surfaces. These activate the core muscles in the abdomen and back and make them stronger, which translates into benefits of carrying loads in a real-life situation, where the stabilisers need to work hard to enable you to stay injury-free. There are also improvements in reaction time, which helps prevent injuries and falls — you may find benefit in improved balancing capabilities.

The Bosu, an inflated hemisphere attached to a rigid platform, is one such tool. The Bosu trainer can support upto about 136 kg of weight.

Bosu plank, mountain climbers and push-up

Too polluted outside? Here’s a home workout plan with the Bosu

Upturn the Bosu, the hard surface facing up. Place both hands on either side of it and hold the plank position, progress to mountain climbing by shuffling the legs forward and back. Finally execute 10 push-ups and finish one set of stability, core and upper body exercise.

Bosu balance

Practise just standing, without external support, on an upturned Bosu. Progress to a single-leg stand and a single-leg deadlift. The single-leg deadlift also works the hamstrings and the glutes in addition to increasing stability.

The correct posture
  • Posture is all important for the successful execution of any exercise. The shoulders should be down and not pulled up towards the ears, the neck lengthened and not pitched forward, the lower back should be in neutral and the knee and ankle joints unlocked. A basic warm-up is mandatory before any exercise. These can be done after a walk or cardio workout as well. Almost all equipment comes with a booklet or an exercise guide, which makes it easy to use.

Bosu squats

Too polluted outside? Here’s a home workout plan with the Bosu

Place both feet shoulder-width apart on the Bosu. This exercise can be done on both surfaces of the equipment. Squat and stand 16 to 20 times. The exercise can be made more difficult by adding an upper-body exercise along with it, like a medicine ball lift. It works all the muscles of the lower body plus the core.

Bosu bridges

Too polluted outside? Here’s a home workout plan with the Bosu

Lie supine on the floor and place both feet on the soft surface of the Bosu, keeping the feet shoulder-width apart, arms resting on the floor by the side of the body. Lift the hips off the floor and feel the contraction in the hamstring and the gluteal muscles. Repeat 20 times. To make the exercise more difficult, try a single-leg bridge, which works the pelvic floor as well.

Bosu abs

Too polluted outside? Here’s a home workout plan with the Bosu

Lie on the spherical side with your lower back resting on the Bosu and execute crunches, obliques and pilates ab exercises.

Nisha Varma is an ACSM-certified exercise physiologist.

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