The Bhuvi-Bumrah mantra for fitness

Newly appointed as the brand ambassadors for Japanese footwear and sports equipment company Asics, fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah and all-rounder Bhuvneshwar Kumar speak to us about their fitness mantras, strict diets (and cheat days), and their advice for youngsters. Here are edited excerpts from the interview.

What is your fitness routine on an ordinary day?

Bumrah: It’s different for different days and for each player. We have a fixed plan made by our trainers. The plan reflects what we need to improve: if I need to work on my speed or strength, my fitness schedule will be designed according to that. I usually bowl three to four days a week, plus I do running sessions, gym sessions, and pool recovery sessions (after a heavy workout). Bowling in the morning, gym in the evening, and then recovery — that’s a typical day.

Bhuvi: Our Indian team trainers give us a programme for the off season. I mean, there’s no off season (laughs) but we are given a schedule for every day of whatever seven to ten days we get off. Whether you’re a batsman, bowler, or an all-rounder, fitness is tough if you follow your regimen religiously. We play cricket, gym, run, and so on — it’s like playing three to four sports all together.

To what extent does the quality of the shoes you’re wearing affect your performance or your fitness?

Bumrah: For training and high-velocity running, shoes are very important. This is especially true for fast bowlers because we run a lot. Our shoes are to us what batsmen’s bats are to them.

Bhuvi: If you do not have good shoes, you can get injured. I injured my ankle and was out for almost four months. If you have good gear and shoes, you can go for long runs and sustain yourself for a longer duration.

The Bhuvi-Bumrah mantra for fitness

If you had to fix a fitness regimen for school children, what would you suggest?

Bumrah: School children don’t need to get into fitness regimens as of now. They should just play and enjoy the sport they like.

Bhuvi: Playing sports is enough to stay fit. I’m a sports lover. Not just cricket; I play badminton and football too. When I get some time off, I prefer to play sports rather than working out.

What does your daily diet look like?

Bumrah: It’s usually quite a strict diet. I don’t eat breads, fried food, or sweets. I wanted to lose weight earlier; now that I am in a good position, I have anything and everything — biryani, pastries, Indian sweets — but once a week. When I’m playing test matches, I sometimes get more than one cheat day per week. But generally, it is healthy protein-oriented food six days a week. Lots of grilled food and fish. It’s great to have cheat days! Your craving goes away and it’s in limitation too. So, six days is maintenance and one day is enjoyment.

Bhuvi: During off season, my diet is… I don’t want to tell you! (laughs) It’s basically lots of sweets. I have a sweet tooth. If I am on a strict diet, which I mostly am, I try to have proteins, carbs, fibre, and vitamins in every meal. That helps me recover. Until three years ago, I wasn’t the kind of person who’d follow a diet, so I just used to eat everything. Since then, what I have changed most drastically is my diet, and my fitness has improved so much.

Most people don’t take proper care of their fitness these days. What’s your advice to them?

Bumrah: When we were small, all we had was outdoor games and we used to be outside all day. It was fun for us and we kept fit too. Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time on their gadgets. I like to see kids playing outside. If you don’t keep fit, your body can become vulnerable to illnesses.

Bhuvi: India does not have a sports culture now. Most people don’t believe in working out. If you’re not fit, you won’t be able to do things you want to. You have to be fit, whether you’re working a nine-to-five job or you’re a sportsperson.

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