Hyderabad Bubble Dash isn’t just about clean fun


Fit I AM’s Bubble Dash this weekend is also about getting more fit in a sustainable way

At first glance, the Bubble Dash coming up this weekend sounds like an invitation to slip and slide all over the place. But the team at Fit I AM India are dedicated to the mission of keeping fitness fun throughout the year, especially when all we want to do now is curl up on the couch with a quilt, a cup of chai and a bun maska.

Global bubble runs
  • As mentioned, the Foam Glow 5K in Hawaii is a spectacle with Instagrammable blacklight-enhanced beauty. The run supports numerous children’s causes. Given the fun aesthetic, it’s safe to say that the more white you wear, the better. Plus, the team promises the glow foam is totally safe and natural.
  • The 5K Foam Fest has more than 22 obstacles in its slippery run in Australia, Canada and the US. The event features a six-metre sky-fall drop onto a stunt bag, the world’s largest inflatable water slide, bouncy castles, mud pits and a huge supply of vegan coconut foam.

For the athletes

Prior to the Bubble Dash comes Fit I AM’s TAD Hyderabad, with TAD standing for Triatholon, Aquathlon and Duathlon — perfect for the more enthusiastic athletes who don’t mind rising at 6am.

The upcoming Bubble Dash is the city’s second edition and Fit I AM’s director Dinesh Kumar is excited for the experience, adding, “Last time we had a 600 participant turnout so this year, let’s see some more faces! The best part? The Bubble Dash will be happening in the evening. A lot of runs tend to happen in the mornings and with the chill, not a lot of people will want to come. But at 5pm, there’ll be a lot of families. plus those doing the TAD can cool off and perk up in the Bubble Dash.” Each participant can take part in the 2.5km run or the 5km run each at ₹675. Dinesh explains everyone will receive a medal and a T-shirt from Fit I AM too.

Thankfully, this year, the world started sitting up a bit more in regards to the environment, so one will assume that the Bubble Dash will be detrimental, but the Fit I AM team insist the foam they’ve used at every event so far is completely eco-friendly as well as totally hypo-allergenic. “We keep the name of our foam supplier under lock-and-key,” quips Dinesh, “but there’s a lot more that’s more eco-friendly about the event. 99.5% of our materials are biodegradable, reusable or recyclable. The only form of plastic you’ll see is the plexi backdrop for photos. Other than that, we don’t like any of the single-use stuff. When our planet is fit, it pushes us to be more fit too.”

Hyderabad Bubble Dash isn’t just about clean fun

And it won’t be just a two-dimensional soapy fest; there’s plenty of vibrancy too. Dinesh points out there’ll be a colour choice of foam directly linked to various causes: pink, yellow and more. The Fit I AM team do understand the importance of keeping things Instagrammable, after all. Just make sure that your phone is foam-proof.

Plus, the vibe at the BubbleDash can only be anything upwards of upbeat. No one in the history of foamy runs has ever looked annoyed to the knowledge of Fit I AM. Just peruse their YouTube channel for proof. “The feedback we’ve received from every Bubble Dash,” recalls Dinesh, “has been nothing but positive. People come out of curiosity but leave with big smiles.”

Long-time mission

The Fit I AM team comprises a core strength of 7 people and a total of 12 members. Dinesh looks back on their journey with a lot of pride. The team have engaged various cities such as Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad in fun ways to retain fitness: boot camps, fitness getaways, kick-boxing classes, Zumba, anaerobic fitness fests, a muddy therapeutic obstacle course, an Independence Day workout and more. It all culminates in their very apt hashtag #BeTheMovement.

The Hyderabad Bubble Dash will be taking place at Gachibowli Stadium on December 16. Register at or call 09158597641 for more information.

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