Fresh air and friendships


At 6:00 am, the silence in Race Course is startling. More so when you look at the number of people around. Only occasional bursts of laughter and sounds of greeting punctuate the silence.This is possibly the best time to watch people. One group is discussing life and politics as they walk; parents and children are spending time together before the day begins; young athletes are preparing for competitions and many others are just breathing in the fresh early morning air.The huge trees that line the walkway on either side are a source of clean air. Take a slow deep breath and smell the dew from the night before. One can never truly be lonely here because everyone smiles at each other, whether they know you or not.A young girl walks holding her father’s hand and says she doesn’t mind waking up early to come here as she loves spending time with her dad. Elsewhere another boy exercises enthusiastically with his father and another teenager is spotted walking with his mother laughing and talking. The younger generation is not as disconnected as people seem to think it is.


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