Summer of yesterdays

Soumya Sanathanan   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Soumya Sanathanan


Think summer and I go back to my childhood and the summer vacations. I came to Thiruvananthapruam when I was in class V from Salala, Oman. Once I moved to the city, I realised what it means to enjoy the holidays. Our house at Kaimanam has spacious grounds. So as soon as the vacation began, all the children in the neighbourhood used to get together at my house. There were nearly 20 of us. We played all day long and it was quite a laborious task for our parents to get us inside the house! But nowadays most children prefer to stay indoors, hooked to their gadgets and there’s hardly any interaction among kids who live in the same residential area.

As a musician, I don’t take any extra care during these months. The heat has become unbearable and I scout for ideal getaways to cool off...

Anjali Jaindhan

Anjali Jaindhan   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Anjali Jaindhan

Zumba instructor

As a former national junior tennis player, my memories of summer are of matches at the tennis court, polishing my skills and participating in various tennis tournaments. As it is important to stay hydrated while exercising, especially during summer, I would have loads of water, especially coconut water, throughout the day. Since I have three to four Zumba sessions in a day these days, I stay hydrated by drinking glasses of fresh fruit juices after each session. To beat the heat, I also eat a lot of fruits: watermelon, grapes, oranges... basically fruits that have water content. As the weather is still warm despite the air conditioned studio, I have started wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts. I wear long billowing skirts and loose tops when going out.

Sandhya S. Kumar

Sandhya S. Kumar

Sandhya S. Kumar   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement


Summer, while growing up, meant Aam Panna, which my mom made. After a day in the sun, I loved coming home to a chilled glass of the juice. Although I have tried Aam pannas elsewhere, they never tasted the same as mom’s. These days to beat the summer heat, I soak khus khus and have it with lemonade or fresh juices. I also have lots of fruits and vegetables and try to avoid high protein food and caffeine. I use peppermint or aloe vera products for my skin and pair cotton and linen trousers with loose fitted tops in light shades. I have always loved the beach during summers and now take my dogs to the beach to cool off from the summer heat. They love the beach and the waves.

Vinayak Sasikumar

Lyricist Vinayak Sasikumar

Lyricist Vinayak Sasikumar   | Photo Credit: Thulasi Kakkat


Summer is the blistering heat of Chennai, where I have lived for nearly a decade. I moved to Chennai from Thiruvananthapuram after my class ten, since my father got posted there. The heat was unbearable. In our small house we didn’t have an air conditioner and so staying indoors was not a good option. Although my parents returned to the city, I stayed back to complete my studies. A highlight of the summer has been the Indian Premier League (IPL). The first edition of IPL was in 2008, the year when I went to Chennai, and so everywhere people were talking about the tournament. I have seen a few matches as well. Again, it was in the summer of 2017 that I decided to shift my base to Kochi after I started getting more opportunities.

Arya Satheesh Babu

Arya Satheesh Babu   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Arya Satheesh Babu

Actor, entrepreneur

Summer means those two-month-long summer vacations. Life was so good then. I used to catch up with all my cousins and relatives. In fact, I never stayed at home. We planned trips and had such a carefree life. There was no need for summer camps, like the one my daughter attends, when I was young. The season isn’t the same any more and the unbearable heat takes it toll on our health. I find it difficult to wear heavy costumes for the shows I host, but there is no other go. I prefer my kurtas, loose tops and palazzos and my flip flops. You have to deal with dehydration and skin problems. So, earlier if I looked forward to the season, that is not the case now.

Harish Sivaramakrishnan

Harish Sivaramakrishnan   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Harish Sivaramakrishnan

Agam band singer and head of mobile transformation at Google India

Summer is not really a troublesome period for me. Having grown up in Palakkad district, where summers get really hot, the heat in Bangalore has never been an issue. So I usually have whatever I wish to. But if there are a lot of concerts during summer, I try not to have anything terribly cold or have anything too risky for the stomach. Summers don’t make much of a difference as far as office is concerned. It is an IT company and every day is a crazy day.

Kalesh Sadasivan

Kalesh Sadasivan   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

Kalesh Sadashivan

Plastic surgeon and wildlife researcher

I try to have as much fruits and juices as possible during this time of the year. While out in the field, I always keep a steel bottle full of water in my car wherever I go. It will be with me while I am walking around in the wild, chasing butterflies, ants and other insects. Hydration is the key to survival in the wild. Inadequate hydration can lead to health issues and injuries during treks.

K.S. Sabarinadhan

Aruvikkara MLA

Being a politician, my schedule is a bit unpredictable. So there is no point in worrying about the heat. I usually drink a lot of water and try to have as much green food as I can. Although Thiruvananthapuram has not been declared a drought hit district, we are facing severe water shortage and there is said to be a 1-2 degree Celsius rise in temperature. So water conservation should be a top priority for everyone and it would great if people, especially kids, can stay indoors during the peak hours during daytime.

K.S. Sabarinadhan MLA

K.S. Sabarinadhan MLA   | Photo Credit: Special arrangement

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