Pierced and proud

Whether you choose the subtlety of small nose-hugging palakkas and mukuthis, the bold statement of a nathni, or the rebellion of a septum, nose rings are the accessory of the moment.

Jewellery powerhouse Bunty Bajaj of Krsala, whose jewellery business was born in 2006, says that it is a revival of traditional nose rings combined with the influence of film stars like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone that keep this fashionable tradition alive, despite changing jewellery trends. “From the 60s, you can see how nose rings have evolved.” Hyderabad-based stylist Shweta Malpani agrees. “Absolutely everyone can rock a nose ring; it’s a popular trend and hard-to-miss in India.”

Nose rings also connote a rebellious chic, believes stylist Indrakshi Pattanaik, advocate of the septum-ring, who has styled stars like M.I.A. and FKA Twigs.

Rebel with a cause

“Nose rings frequent the music and festival scenes, the runways and the streets — all in the name of freedom and it’s so beautiful. As the trend continues to evolve, the sizes will get bigger and the designs will be more intricate, more ornamental,” she adds. Pattnaik observed that while historically, nose-rings were popular among men, now, it is a genderless accessory.

Movies have, of course, played a big part in keeping the nose ring trend alive. Between Bajirao Mastani and Ram-Leela, and now the recently-released Baahubali, the mainstream is celebrating what was once a symbol of rebellion and cool.

Size matters

But bigger isn’t always the best – smaller, delicate pieces are finding takers too. Last year, Forevermark came up with Capricci, a nose pin collection that came with one diamond stud and seven interchangeable jackets. Amrapali has launched the Baahubali Collection, which features a line of handcrafted silver and gold plated jewellery including nose pins and naths. Chennai-based label, Ahalya, caters to a subtle aesthetic with elegant gold nose-rings in floral designs.

The brand’s founder, Ahalya, says, “Our Nose-Candy nose-ring festival earlier this year was hugely popular with nose-rings novices. People who never wore a nose ring were able to try them on and see that it’s quite a flattering look. That’s our essence — to keep the wearer in mind.”

New Delhi-based Outhouse Jewellery’s inventive Couture Septum Ring collection is an editorial series taking the wearer through the journey of a butterfly’s life, through a play on the nose. Rashmil Dheer, Outhouse’s brand manager, shares, “The nose ring can take your look from mundane to edgy in a minute and that makes it a great piece of jewellery to own.”

Amrapali Jaipur’s Chandrika collection caught stylist Pattnaik’s eye, for its strong motifs and bad-ass accents. The oxidised silver nose-rings feature a stunning faux septum with a super-fine chain attachment, proving that it’s all about complementing the wearer.

2017’s nose ring scene continues to innovate on the heritage piece, so whether you want to wear an edgy septum (faux or otherwise) or a heavy jadau nath to your cousin’s wedding — you can’t go wrong with this statement piece.

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