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Right off the runways at Paris Fashion Week and the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week, designer Manish Arora shows no signs of taking a break. His latest is his second collaboration with online shopping portal, Koovs, for a line that includes denims, t-shirts, dresses, jackets, active wear and accessories. The collection, which goes live on October 14, has unisex options featuring the Chinese emoticon, Tuzki. The women’s wear, on the other hand, features his signature Native American prints. The designer gives us the low-down on what to expect, his inspirations, and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

How did the KOOVS collaboration happen? What are some of the highlights of the collection for you, personally?

Our first collaboration was highly successful, therefore we decided to go ahead with another one. Conceptualising the second one was a collective effort: we arrived at a common ground of choosing something which is very innovative, and at the same time, matches the brand synergies. One of my favourites, which is also an archival piece, is the “Shiny Happy People Jacket”, which is entirely covered with sequins.

You’ve done many collabs in the past: what is different about this one from your perspective?

The unisex category is the main USP of this collaboration. We intend to target young millennials, who like colour, fun and versatility [in their wardrobe], and also aspire to have a Manish Arora piece [at an affordable price point].

Your last collection had children’s drawings and psychedelic prints. Fashion critics love your mix of colour and crazy. How much of this will filter down to capsule collections like the one with Koovs?

My brand’s aesthetic revolves around colour, which is one of the main reasons we have come together — to have my style adapted to their collaboration. The collection is based on the theme ‘Love is Love’, as our country completes one year of the verdict regarding Section 377. I think it is a huge step for an Indian e-tailer to come up with a collection which is meant for everybody.

What is the biggest change in menswear in the last decade? A must-have styling accessory?

Men are getting more aware of what works for them and they have their own personal style. It is only going to become a bigger market in the next five years. A few evergreen menswear trends are a white T-shirt, a cotton kurta and a bold, fluorescent coloured piece, for the special occasion when you want to stand out.

You are known to feel strongly about certain issues... how do inclusivity, diversity and mental health factor at your workplace and in your designs?

Employees at Manish Arora are from all castes, religion and race, and there is no boundary in the type of people working for my label. Inclusivity and diversity were a part of my previous collaborations, all collaborations depict what I stand for, which is love, the most beautiful emotion. Mental health awareness is spreading, and it is important to know that the people who are working with me understand its importance. I hope my designs and creations speak to a diversity of people and touches those that are dealing with their own battles.

What are some of your upcoming collaborations in the next few months?

If I tell you that now, where is the fun in building up the mystery before they launch? Wait and watch!

The Manish Arora x Koovs collaboration will be available starting October 14 on

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