Designer Narendra Kumar on how to keep up with Gen Z

Big shoulder of the ‘80s, animal prints of the ‘90s and low waist jeans of Noughties... every decade bestows us with new trends. Some we are happy to quickly disassociate ourselves with, and some so iconic that they are in constant revival mode.

In the second season of TLC’s show Decoded that airs today, fashion designers Narendra Kumar and Neeta Lulla, stylist Ken Ferns and Ana Singh, and makeup artistes Marvie Ann Beck and Clint Fernandes take over different episodes to unravel the classic looks of the last few decades starting with the ‘70s. The idea is to take inspiration from the looks of the past era and make it relevant to Gen Z.

Designer Narendra Kumar on how to keep up with Gen Z

Narendra Kumar, who will be looking at trends of the Noughties, says that fashion is changing with the new generation. “This show is a good place to give people an idea of how fashion evolved, what it means to us and what it will look like going ahead in a market where consumer demography has changed. This is a good place to interact and tell this story,” he says.

Changing landscape

With the changed demography, is it challenging to keep up with the wants of a new clientele? His answer suggests that he is not one to lose ground. “There are three things important for a designer: passion, conviction — because it also colours one’s passion — and lastly, evolution. Otherwise, their design becomes passé,” he adds.

In Decoded, Kumar will also focus on contemporary fashion, “and how we can bring in the element of high fashion tailoring and athleisure together” to create a new kind of line. This emphasis and the need to stay relevant for the next generation has also shaped a change in direction for his label — FKNS, which is short for “Fake News”. “[Fake news] was the story of the times when we launched the label four years ago,” he explains.

Designer Narendra Kumar on how to keep up with Gen Z

With its vibrant, trendy, athleisure heavy silhouettes, the label aims to merge a common idea across board with the idea of evolving fashion. For the new generations, says Kumar, dressing up is not a statement to prove who they are but it is about emphasising a sense of individuality, and of being comfortable. Clothes, he adds, are also a reflection of our society.

“All our clothes and shows are a reflection of what is happening in society. As a designer, one should reflect on it because today, all people want is to hear and connect to a story.”

Decoded Season 2 premières on TLC, TLC HD and Discovery Plus

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