Aviva Bidapa brings her swimwear brand to India

Fashion was the last thing on Aviva Bidapa’s mind when she was growing up. Her outfit of choice was breeches, boots and a white shirt — she was an equestrian. It was only when she was 16-years-old that she discovered brands and appreciated details such as stitch and craftsmanship.

Aviva Bidapa brings her swimwear brand to India

The 28-year-old designer, daughter of fashion guru Prasad Bidapa, recently launched Aviva Swimwear in India, at an event in Bengaluru. The brand was earlier launched in Colombo in 2016.

Talking about her passion for designing swimwear, while sipping on watermelon juice at Café Noir, UB City, Aviva says: “A few years ago, I was in Colombo on work and took a day trip to the Linea Aqua factory, which manufactures swimsuits. I was fascinated by how they create the silhouette and the fit.

“My father later suggested we create a swimwear line. As a test, I created a line that was white with red roses. I love business and I love being creative so I thought why not put the two together and create a brand.”

The swimsuits are manufactured by Linea Aqua. “First, I design the silhouette and the cut, then zero in on a story in the print and what I want that season to be. And, of course, I keep in mind my creativity and what’s in fashion.”

The 70s and a koi pond
  • Two stories were showcased at the India launch of Aviva Swimwear.
  • Aviva says: “I wanted to do a line that was inspired by the 70s. I didn’t want to do polka dots so I did deconstructed polka dots. I had black on white and white on black and solids in bright red.
  • “For the second story, inspiration struck while I was staying at a hotel in Sri Lanka that had a koi pond. The solids are a yellow with a bit of orange in it as the carp has elements of orange.
  • There are 13 styles, including a one-piece with a halter neck and a high-waisted two-piece with balcony-style cups.

As any woman on the hunt for a swimsuit in India knows, the options are limited. “Many brands don’t make them for the Indian body type: we are heavier on the hips and bust and we tend to have smaller waists. So, it becomes hard for an Indian woman because if the bottom fits her, the top won’t and vice-versa,” she shares.

This is where Aviva Swimwear comes in. The brand also aims to bridge the gap between mass brands such as Marks and Spencer and designer brands like Shivan and Narresh.

“My swimsuits are a mix of usability and couture. The other important thing to know is that I have incorporated quality. As long as you hand wash them in cold water, they will last.”

Aviva Bidapa brings her swimwear brand to India

There are some things to keep in mind while buying a swimsuit though. “The first thing you should ask yourself is how do you feel in it? The second thing is the sizing. It is very important to know your size and your fit. You should know what your body looks good in and shop in that realm, ” says Aviva.

She reveals she had certain insecurities growing up because of her weight, which fluctuated. “But, I know how clothes make me feel and how swimsuits make me feel. Ultimately, that is what creates confidence. How you feel you look and not what somebody else tells you. So, I kept that in mind. I want girls to be confident. You don’t need to be shy and cover up. I want to make swimsuits that make you feel good.”

Aviva Bidapa brings her swimwear brand to India

The swimsuits, priced between ₹3,500 and ₹6,500, will be available at the Millennial Mode Label store opening shortly. In the meantime, DM the store or Aviva Swimwear on Instagram to place orders.

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