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Bushy-tailed canines set to turn heads at a dog show in Thiruvananthapuram

Arun S V training his Rottweiler

Arun S V training his Rottweiler   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Rathish RG Nair from Pappanamcode has been busy barking commands to his Rottweiler “buddies” that bear the grand names Skypets CH: Kivi House of Gehlaut and Skypets Quinn of Gujral. The dog lover’s redoubling of drills with his pets is in preparation for the upcoming dog show organised by Trivandrum Kennel Club, affiliated to the Kennel Club of India, where his dogs aim to steal the show with close to 300 other canines from across the country.

The dog show, labelled All India All Breed Championship, will see a variety of both Indian and imported breeds lining up for the event. “Along with the more common breeds such as Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Shih Tzu (a toy dog breed) and so on, the championship will witness some of the rarer ones like the Corgi that has its origins in Wales. Most of the dog owners throwing their hat in the ring are from North India this time. Only pure-bred canines are eligible,” says Sathish Kumar, secretary of Trivandrum Kennel Club.

Prior to the show, the dogs undergo a check for signs of its “pure breed”, wherein a team of vets examine them for any anomalies and check the contestants’ health, what in the dog show parlance is called “bunching”, before chest numbers are assigned. “The vets would inspect the bodies of the canines and look for predominant characteristics associated with their respective breed,” says Sathish Kumar who keeps 30 dogs at his residence at Ooruttambalam in Kattakkada. Some of the exotic breeds in his possession include Siberian Husky, American bully and Miniature Pinscher.

Sathish Kumar with his Rottweiler

Sathish Kumar with his Rottweiler   | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

During the pageantry, the qualified ones are lined up in particular formations in an “introductory” display in two rings. “These are all trained canines. However, any dog found not behaving in accordance with the rules of the show will be disqualified,” explains Sathish.

The participants are marked on various factors such as grace of movement, skin pigmentation, chemistry with the owner, obedience and so on. “Each breed has its own characteristic gait, mannerisms and genetic markers. The adjudicators look for how much the canines comply with the traits,” he adds. This year, the show judges are Daniel Kwee from Indonesia and Torchai Chantrakum from Thailand. The competitions are held in various “classes” of Puppy, Junior, Intermediate, Open and Bred in India, where desi breeds such as Rajapalayam, Chippiparai, Mudhol hound compete, and Champion. “When a dog earns four Challenging Certificates in its career, it is declared a champion and becomes eligible to enter the Champion class,” explains Sathish.

An imported dog breed

An imported dog breed   | Photo Credit: K Bhagya Prakash

There will be separate shows by the Kerala Police Dog Squad and private dog trainer Arun SV. While members of the Dog Squad will demonstrate certain skills used during investigations and security checks such as sniffing out evidence and tracking odour trail, Arun’s acrobatic golden retriever Rex will attempt to steal the show with his eye-catching acts of hoop jump, object retrieval and so on. The event includes an exhibition and sale of various dog accessories.

The show will be held at Police Ground, Thycaud, on September 1. Timings: 10 am to 7 pm. Gate entry is ₹50.

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