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Watch | All you need to know about the 'Beast'

A video on U.S. President Donald Trump's car, the 'Beast'

U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania will be driven around India in the 'Beast'. The 'Beast' is an armoured limousine. It is maintained by the United States Secret Service. It is transported by Air Force One to wherever the US President travels. The chauffeur is specially trained by the US Secret Service. The 'Beast' arrived in India ahead of Trump's visit. Following are some of its key features.


It is a 2018 model of a unique Cadillac. The body of the car is covered in military grade armour which can survive bomb attacks. The doors are 8-inch thick and can protect riders even during a chemical attack. The windows are built with five layers of glass and polycarbonate. The tyres are puncture resistant with steel rims underneath. This helps the car to run even if the tyres are damaged. The 'Beast' can lay down an oil slick to prevent vehicles from chasing it. The fuel tank is filled with a special foam that prevents explosion  during a crash.


It comprises tear gas and smoke-screen dispensers. It contains a panic button as well as it's own oxygen supply. A bag of President's blood type is kept, in case of emergency. A satellite phone with direct connection to Pentagon is also available


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