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A campaign checklist for influencers

Globally, the focus for influencers has now moved to rights and security concerns

Globally, the focus for influencers has now moved to rights and security concerns   | Photo Credit: TarikVision


Leanne Perice, founder of LA-based talent management company, Music Brand Agency, gives us the low-down on what influencers should consider before signing on for a campaign

In the rapidly-growing space, Indian influencers are just getting started with finding managers and representatives. And, globally, the focus has now moved to rights and security concerns. Platforms like California-based Lumanu are working on protecting influencers in the campaigns they work on, and in their interactions with brands.

Leanne Perice, founder of talent management company, Music Brand Agency — that represents singer Teyana Taylor and lifestyle blogger/influencer Helen Owen, among other musicians, digital celebrities and content creators — works with Lumanu for her clients. She has experience brokering millions of dollars in deals for product placement and integrated branding campaigns across digital and traditional media, and works with top agencies and brands in verticals ranging from beauty and lifestyle to consumer products. In an exclusive interaction with The Hindu Weekend, she breaks down what influencers need to know to safeguard their work.

Leanne Perice

Leanne Perice  

Many influencers don’t realise they have certain rights and security concerns. What are they, and how do you help them protect these rights?

Before signing off on any deal, I negotiate the usage rights for my clients according to the general scope of work. I take several factors into consideration, such as the contact term length, exclusivity, deliverables, and talent fee. Based on this, I am able to determine the appropriate usage. The usage is where a lot of security concerns come into play. If you don’t understand usage rights, your content can be used however the brand wants — and if you’re granting a brand access to your social media channels, a lot of information is at stake.

The significance of whitelisting (with reference to influencers) today and the role you play here.

As Instagram and social media in general grows, influencers are only reaching a fraction of their audience they worked so hard to grow: this is referred to as organic reach. Naturally, when a brand is partnering with talent, they want to ensure that content is being seen by as many people as possible. This is when a brand will put additional budget to ‘whitelist’ or ‘boost’ an influencer campaign so it reaches a bigger audience. My role is to educate my clients and the brands we work with on best practices in this emerging space.

Software that helps you as an agent and for influencers as well to optimise their content.

I work closely with a company called Lumanu, who specialize in influencer media. They believe in a fair and transparent industry where creators deserve to know how their content, likeness, and data are being used. SocialCert provides influencers with tools that help to control what data is shared with brand partners. Influencers can manage the sharing of usage rights, such as allowing partners to use content in other channels or to boost posts. It’s a brilliant company whose mission I am very aligned with. They’re way ahead of the curve.

A campaign checklist for influencers

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