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Watch: Murugha Mutt seer supports Yediyurappa

Murugha mutt seer Sri Shivamurthy Sharanaru held a press conference in support of the senior BJP leader in Chitradurga on July 20.

Here is the transcript.

Murugha Mutt seer: The point is that in defiance of his age, with youthful vigour, with great enthusiam, he participates in all programmes and campaigns. He is in Bengaluru, and every day he chairs meetings to review the work of various departments. His style of functioning is amazing. He would put youths to shame. He conducts himself with dignity, relying on his experience in politics. His poise, his approach, his conduct...can serve as inspiration to others.

Reporter: The high command wants to change the leadership to nurture a fresh face for the forthcoming elections.

Murugha Mutt seer:  That's up to the high command of that party. Let them do it. There wil be opportunities (for fresh faces) in future. But, we do not want hurdles to be placede in the path of B.S. Yediyurappa.

Reporter: If the leader is changed, what will be your stand?

Murugha Mutt seer:  All religious heads will get together, discuss the issue . It is not my decision alone. We will take opinion of everyone to arrive at a team-decision (consensus) on the way forward.

Reporter: What would be the impact of a change in leadership?

Murugha Mutt seer: Yediyurappa will not be affected if he is removed. The ones who remove him will be affected. I can clearly say that the party will definitely be affected.

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