The ZMapp dilemma Views

A truly desperate situation

Don’t ask for more trouble

It may hazardous to use experimental medicines on human. A neutralizing drug of Zmapp should be found and then the medicine should be given. If the medicine cures Ebola hen one need not worry but if it shows adverse effects then the neutralizing medicine should be given to decrease its effect.

G.Chaitanya Prasad,

Class X, KendriyaVidyalaya Army Area, Pune.


We still don't know the true colours of this scanty “so called experimental drug” which was only tested on some monkeys. Response to drugs in every human being differs.

Aishvaryaa Prabhu

Class XII, Chennai Public School, Thriumazhisai


It is absolutely wrong to do that kind of act to the patients. It is important to test the drugs to an animal initially, and when it does not causes any cautions, then the specific drug can be injected to the patients.


Class XII,Cheran MHSS, Karur


Even in daily life we don't accept things without proofs. This epidemic is very destructive and letting out a drug without any legal medical and scientific proofs cannot be a wise choice. Until the drug is accepted by experts by undergoing proper research it should not be released to the public. Till then the African government can insist the people to stay clean and also keep themselves away from infected people.


Class IX, Holy Angels' Public School, Salem

They need the drug now!

A cure is everyone's right. When the experimental cure is slowly curing the two Americans, maybe they should try it on the Africans too.


Class V, JSS Shri Manjunatheshwara Central School, Hubli.


Zmapp can be given to any infected person who agrees to volunteer for the drug to be tested upon themselves at their own will.

Tayeena Tabiya

Class VIII, Jindal Vidya Mandir School, Bellary


Even if they are left untreated, the patients are going to die. So, what’s wrong in trying these drugs? To save the rest of the African population and maybe, even the entire Earth from this infectious disease Ebola, anti-Ebola drug must be brought into the reach of the suffering Africans.


Class XII, Cheran MHSS, Karur


Every single minute, a person is dying of this deadly disease whilst another healthy person is getting infected. In such a situation, health measures should be provide even if it is experimental. Otherwise, this deadly epidemic will go down in history as the only disease which could have been cured but wasn't.

Maria George

Class XI, Sacred Heart Convent School, Thrissur


The more we linger, demanding the hundred percent certainty that ZMapp is perfectly safe, more lives resign themselves over to the deadly wrath of Ebola. Taking action now will definitely provide relief and hope in the fires of a fever to Africa. Even if ZMapp doesn’t wipe out the disease completely from the bodies it has inhabited, it is sure to deliver release from its symptoms.

Athira Sivadas,

Class VIII, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Thrissur

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