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My name is Aashrith Iyer and I live in a town named Kendall Park in New Jersey. I am a seventh grader studying in Crossroads South Middle School. My typical day begins with me waking up to my alarm. I set my alarm to 5:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I am part of the school’s advanced chorus group. On other days, I wake up a little later. After I finish my morning chores, I go downstairs to my prayer room to do sandhyavandanam. After I finish that, I have my breakfast, which is a sandwich and glass of vanilla milk. Then I pack my bag and head to the bus stop.

  The mornings in the fall and winter are usually very dark and chilly. On early bus days, I go to my choir rehearsals first. When I walk in, my mind instantly makes the switch from being half sleep to responding to music. We warm up with scales and then we sing. After the rehearsal, I walk with my friends to my homeroom. My writing teacher is my homeroom teacher. In my school we have eight periods that go in a pretty confusing schedule. We have something called a Core schedule, in which all the periods move up every day. I have great teachers, who make learning interesting and fun for us. My math teacher is very humorous and makes us enjoy his class. Apart from the core classes, I have technology and world language. I study Latin for world language. It helps me understand the root words in English better. Lunch is my favourite part of the school day because this is the one time when I get to see all my friends in the same area. We talk about things like basketball, or we argue about things that happen in school. Gym is also one of my favourite parts of the day because we get to play sports and games that we all enjoy. My school day comes to an end after my eighth period and I take a bus back home.

I pursue many activities after school. I play the Indian classical violin. I also learn carnatic vocal music and play basketball and cricket. On the weekends, I learn the Bhagavad Gita and Veda. I love all the things that I do in my life and am very thankful for everything that I have.

Aashrith Iyer,

Class 7, Crossroads South Middle School,

New Jersey, United States of America.


Each and every person in the world has a different kind of lifestyle, starting from the time they wake up to the food they eat.  From whichever corner we look, nobody has the same kind of lifestyle. My life includes excitement, friendships and hardships, fun games and humorous things. You must have heard of the saying that goes — sleep early and wake up early to be a healthy kid. I always sleep early and wake up early in the morning at 5:30 a.m.. Then I quickly wash my face and start my morning study which goes on for one and a half hours. At about 7:30 a.m., I get ready for school. I take 30 minutes to wear the (Kira) uniform perfectly and do not spend much time in front of the mirror. I also take my breakfast quickly so that I do not get late to school. I go to school at 8 a.m.. On the way, I meet my friends and we walk together. We wait for the school gate to open along with other students. As the gate opens, we rush into our classrooms. Soon after, students go for regular morning social work after which we go for the assembly. We have eight periods a day and after the second period we have an interval during which most of the students finish their incomplete homework instead of visiting the restroom. After the third and fourth period, we break for lunch and the break is for 45 minutes. Everybody brings packed lunch and eats sitting in the school campus. I eat with my friends and brother. Most of the time, we end up talking and making fun of each other. After lunch, I play games with my friends who are usually seen teasing each other and sometimes fighting. Once the bell rings, I go to school where most students would be found yawning and nearly falling asleep in class. Everyone wishes that periods after lunch end fast. But once school is over, I never go home straight. I linger around the school for some time and go home late. Reaching home, I change my school uniform and switch on the music channel on television. I do some house cleaning at the same time. After that, I do my homework till 8:30 pm. I then eat dinner, pray, and go to bed.

Karma Deki,

Class 8, Changrigphel Lower Secondary School,

Thimphu, Bhutan.


I wake up at 6 a.m. and eat breakfast at around 6:30 a.m.. Usually, I have rice, egg, and natto (fermented beans).

I leave my house around 7 a.m. and go to school by bicycle, train, and walk. Totally, it takes around 30 to 40 minutes.   I chat with my friends and do some homework, if I have not finished it the previous night. The school bell rings at 8 a.m. and we first have 10 minutes reading time and our teacher comes to class. Mobile phones will be collected by our teacher if you have one, as we are not allowed to use it in school. Usually, we have six periods. Each class has 45 minutes and there is a 10 minute break between classes. After the fourth period, at around 1p.m., we have a one hour lunch break. We eat school lunch in our classroom. We have a different menu everyday — milk, rice or bread, meat or fish, side dish. After the sixth hour, school is over but we have cleaning time. Boys’ day and girls’ day comes in turns. Most of the students belong to some club activity and practice after school. It could be soccer, judo, wind orchestra, art, etc. After the club, I return home between 6 and 7 p.m.. I have dinner with my family and talk about the day’s activity at school. I do homework and watch TV. I usually go to bed at 10 p.m..

Reina Nishimura,

1st grade at Middle School, Shiga Chugakko (or Shiga Middle School),

Otsu city in Shiga Prefecture, Japan.


Born in Dubai, I have spent my childhood in this busy and bustling city. People here are busy with their work and hence have little time for their family. As children we have fun at times, but most days we have a lot of assignments to do. It is difficult to step out to play as the sun is blazing hot here. So, my family and I decided to take a short break from this mundane and monotonous life and visit our hometown to spend time with our grandparents.

My hometown is in Aluva, Kochi. Aluva is a beautiful, attractive place with many beautiful and huge trees. There are plenty of birds and one sees a lot of greenery around too. There are rivers which flow along the outskirts of the town.

  The best part of our visit was the time chosen. It was during the harvest festival, Onam. The courtyards looked bright and colourful with the rangolis made with flower petals. It was vibrant all round with people dressed in new clothes and jewellery. The traditional dishes prepared especially for this occasion was enjoyed by one and all.

It was exciting to meet with all my relatives and cousins after a long time. Most of all, it was wonderful to spend time with my grandparents, as they forgot their ailments and immersed themselves in the festivities. These moments were treasured by me as they added colour to my life!

Sreenanditha Narayan,

Class 7, Sabari Indian School,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


My typical school day starts at 7.15 in the morning. I wake up by myself, finish my morning chores and go downstairs. After I drink my water and my milk, I say my prayers, eat my breakfast and then I walk to my bus stop. A cute kindergartener named Devin lives near me and his dad greets me every morning. The bus usually comes at 8.35 in the morning. When I finally reach school, the bell starts to ring; it means that school is about to begin.

  My school has two levels; my classroom is in the second floor. As soon as we come inside after hanging up our coats and putting on our indoor shoes, we open our agendas (a book that’s used for parents to communicate with the teacher) to the correct date for the teacher to sign. Then “O Canada” (Canada’s national anthem) and the morning announcements come from the speaker. We start the day off with some quiet reading. Then my teacher, Mrs. Burke calls everyone in my class to the carpet for the morning lesson. Then, after a while it’s snack time. I am in grade three, so my class has lunch monitors. After snack, I play with two girls named Sarah and Oviya at snack recess. After that, it’s either library or science. We are growing lima bean plants and learning the plant life cycle in science. Thereafter, we do a bit of math, and it’s lunch time. I have my lunch with my table mates Aiden, Alissa, Asad and Kassi. I play with Sarah and Oviya after finishing my lunch. My favourite place in the school yard is the stairs.

After lunch recess we have math and gym or art or music for the entire afternoon. In math we are learning about graphs. In gym, we are learning fitness. In music, we are preparing for a musical. In art we are learning about different kinds of lines. Then it’s home time. I write my homework in my agenda and then gather my things to go home. I take the bus and get down at the second stop and greet Devin’s father. When I get home, I take off my socks and shoes and do my evening activities. I do my Kumon homework and eat my evening snack. Then my mom and dad come home and dad takes me to dance class on Tuesday and Sunday, Kumon class on Wednesday and Saturday, and Chess on Saturday. Then I eat dinner and go to sleep.

Shristi Damerashetti,

Class 3, Legacy Public School,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


I get up at 6-7 a.m., get dressed, eat breakfast, watch some videos on my iPad and then walk to the bus stop. After arriving at school, I put my bag into my locker and take out the books I need for the first couple of subjects for the day. I then walk to class and wait for form assembly to start and then end, followed by the walk to my first class.  After the first period of 72 minutes, the bell rings, signalling the students to move to their next class, also 72 minutes long. After that class finishes the bell rings and the students go to their lockers to collect snacks and anything else of want and put away the books from the first two periods. At 11.57, recess ends and I go to put my leftover food in my locker and get my books for the third period. After another 72 minutes, lunch begins and everyone moves back to their lockers to get their lunch and put away unwanted books. At 1.30, the school library opens for those who wish to read or sit with their friends inside. Lunch ends at 1.58 and I prepare for my last period. School ends at 3.10 and I proceed to walk to the bus that will take me home. Once at home I get onto my iPad or computer and play video games over Skype or watch anime. I finish my homework if I was given any that day and have dinner before getting into my pyjamas, brushing my teeth and getting into bed. While in bed, I usually listen to a podcast or read a book before going to sleep for the day.

Felix Young,

Class 8, Thornbury High School,

Melbourne, Australia.  

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