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Demon Dentist

Author - David Walliams

Alfie is petrified of going to a dentist. Years ago, Mr Erstwhile, an ageing dentist, had recruited half the town to pull out Alfie’s tooth using brute force. After a great deal of effort and pain, the tooth was out, but Alfie still had a toothache. Mr Erstwhile had pulled out the wrong tooth! Alfie vowed never to visit a dentist again. However, when a social worker comes to check up on Alfie and his wheelchair-bound father, he has to confront his demons and visit Miss Roots, the new dentist in town. Meanwhile, sinisterthings are happening to children's teeth. Loose teeth under pillows are being replaced at night withunmentionable creepy creatures and nasty objects. Who is responsible? Could this be the work of a tooth witch? It is up to Alfie and his tiny friend, Gabz, to unearth who is up to all the mischief.

George Washington's Teeth

Authors - Deborah Chandra and Madeleine Comora

Poor George had two teeth in his mouth

The day the votes came in.

The people had a President,

But one afraid to grin.

All through his adult life, the first President of the United States fought many battles, but the one that caused him intense pain and sorrow was the battle with his teeth. Based on the letters, diary entries, and historical records about George Washington's tooflessness, the story charts his journey through the American Revolution and later as his presidency begins.

It's the middle of the Revolutionary War, when Washington returns home with a terrible toothache. He calls upon his doctor. A rotten tooth is removed. All that night George tossed and moaned, / Another tooth was sore. Nevertheless, the next day he valiantly leaves for the war. He goes to New York, crosses icy Delaware, wins the war, and gets back home with only five teeth to spare. What will he do when he has none? Complemented by the water-coloured illustrations of Brock Cole, the verse is sure to tickle your funny bone!

Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy

Author - Francesca Simon

Henry is upset that he hasn't lost a tooth yet, while all his friends at school have. Everybody is talking about it. Henry thinks it's the last straw when his younger brother, Perfect Peter, loses a tooth as well. He is determined to make it happen for him, so that he can get money from the Tooth Fairy. He tries a variety of strategies to get rid of at least one tooth. First, he eats all the sweets that he possibly can in the hope that they will weaken his teeth and cause them to fall. That doesn't work. None of his teeth feels remotely wobbly at the end of it. Henry’s mouth, gums, and stomach hurt instead. However, not one to give up easily, he comes up with a new plan. He is especially delighted by it as it involves annoying his brother.

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