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Nirgun Naad: Vidya Shah & The Manganiyars

In a profusion of rhythm and melody, Vidya Shah brings together her classically trained voice with the magic of the Rajasthani Manganiyars, folk musicians who belong to a large community of traditional performers from Jaisalmer and its surrounding villages in Rajasthan. In the concert, the desert sounds embrace contemporary styles . The performance will fuse various elements of traditional, folk and contemporary music using not just vocals but also the dholak, daf, mandolin, guitar, sarangi and traditional Rajasthani instruments such as morchang, khartaal and bhapang.

Amjad Khan: Tabla/Darbuka

Ghulam Ali: Sarangi

Amar Sangam: Guitar and Mandolin

The Manganiyars: Vocals, Khadtaal, Harmonium, Dhol, Bhapang

Chugge Khan

Salim Khan

Khete Khan

Babu Khan
Nirgun Naad
Artiste: Vidya Shah & the Manganiyars
Genre: Sufi-Bhakti
Date: Nov 22, 7:30 pm, Ravindra Bharati, Hyderabad
Duration: 90 minutes
Musicians: Vidya Shah: Vocals and Curation

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