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What will India be like in 2047?

It does not matter that India has more than 50 percent of its population below the age of 25 and a staggering 65 percent below the age of 35. . Let us imagine what India will be at 100 — a mere 32 years away. The year is 2047 of course! Though the majority of the population will still be under 30 we can no longer be termed a young nation: we were never young at heart in any case! By no stretch of the imagination can 68 (today India is 68 years old ) be termed young and all those ageing young Some research was done among two factions — those who are now 60 and may not be there in 2047 and a younger lot who are likely to be there in 2047.

The question was what will India be like at 100 ie., in 2047?

The first faction was maybe too realistic who felt that corruption at every level will see the end.

Will it be a centenary of celebration of ideals on which India is built or will it be a waste field full of corruption intolerance and hopelessness? The polarisation of India will be more marked and clearly defined. The North-South divide is going to matter by then. With the south contributing close to 35 percent of the country’s revenue, it’s going to matter.

“Strong majoritarian democracy, traditional, conservative, gaining traction, reaching about 15 percent of it’s potential.

Another hopeful observation: “An India without any caste or religious divide. Only reservation to be on merit basis!! “Oh God! Two billion people in 2047.  No place to walk!”

And here’s the note to sign off on: “I remain completely optimistic. I owe a lot to our nation and I deliberately chose India from three distinct situations when I could have opted for a perhaps, quicker climb to personal success by remaining in the United Kingdom, Europe or Singapore. It would have been the lazy way out. 2047, that is, 32 years from now is not so far way, just about six governments away. A major thing that will be accomplished is infrastructure. Once we have our ports, roads and energy, the next steps will follow automatically. There are a lot of downsides to the bandwagon that is India but the upsides far outweigh all the negatives. The dignity of our citizens is maintained and for this alone, I am grateful.”

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