Wart’s the problem?

Facial warts. Photo:S.R. Raghunathan

Facial warts. Photo:S.R. Raghunathan   | Photo Credit: S_R_Raghunathan


Here’s what to do and what not to do when those little protrusions arise without a warning.

Black spots, acnes and pimples commonly occur on the face and yet they are easy to get rid of. When a wart appears, it’s not only a knotty issue to find a solution, but many also don’t know what causes it. “Sometimes, facial warts take a toll on your confidence,” says 23-year-old Niranjana, a college student. “When warts appear in chunks on the face, people tend to look at your cheek while speaking and it’s really depressing.”

According to cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Hema Satish, there are different kinds of warts, and one needs to know the type of wart before treating it. “Viral warts are common in kids and may spread as they are infectious, while seborrheic warts occur due to aging factor and on skin folds such as underarms and neck, where friction happens,” she says. Another kind is dermatosis papulosa nigra (DNP), an extra growth that sticks to the skin. “DNP growths are hereditary and also occur due to over exposure to sunlight and aging,” says Dr. Hema. “But, these days, it is seen in even young people due to excessive pollution.”

Warts also differ in appearance. According to Dr. Hema, viral warts mostly occur on feet and hands and are grey and rough, whereas seborrheic warts have peduncles and bigger ones dangle like grapes. Homeopathic physician Dr. Rengarajan says that there is much more than just the superficial appearance to warts. “Warts are indications of internal issues and hence they need to be treated internally,” says Rengarajan. “Just removing the growth will not help in permanent cure. Only if it is properly diagnosed and treated, warts may disappear over the course of treatment.”

On the other hand, in a number of salons and spas, beauticians and cosmetologists remove warts by threading or temporary masking. “The depth of warts may vary and hence it is always better to be removed by a dermatologist,” says Sundaresh, Manager at the Green Trends Style Salon. Facial warts are usually shallow and can be removed at salons, he says. “One should avoid accumulation of dead cells to keep away warts,” he suggests “For removing a single wart we charge Rs.30.”

Dr. Hema warns that threading only nips the growth and doesn’t remove the base of the wart, and hence re-growth may happen faster. “Especially with viral warts, a complete removal should be ensured as it may lead to spread of infection,” she says. She also says that traditionally hair used to be tied to the wart and in course of time, the hair used to cut the wart slowly.

Liquid nitrogen also used to be sprayed to dry off warts, she says. But the best option these days seems to be the laser treatment. “Using laser ensures that the wart is removed from the base, leaves no scar and also prevents bleeding as blood vessels get sealed,” she says. “In the case of seborrheic warts, laser is effective if the growth is big and dangling, while smaller ones can be removed by sipping. Laser treatments don’t have side effects and are much practised abroad. Only very rarely antibiotics need to be taken along with the treatment.”

So, the next time a wart visits you, visit a dermatologist, sign up for laser therapy and you may be wart-free!

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