Vocca: Making any light bulb smart

Although unique, Vocca is bound to face stiff competition

Although unique, Vocca is bound to face stiff competition

The smoothest smartphone-linked light bulbs are not practical when compared with simple, old school switches. ActiVocal, a gadget making company has come up with Vocca that promises to turn just about any light bulb into a device with electronic ears that are on the lookout for your voice. So, instead of going through loads of phone menus only to turn the lights on and off, you will have to just say a keyword with Vocca installed to control illumination.

When it comes to abilities and physical form, the Vocca lies somewhere in between the infamous Clapper, the gizmo of yore that was activated by sound, and the smart bulbs of today that are made by lots of companies.

It is actually an adaptor, albeit a sophisticated one. One end of the Vocca has a standard threaded cap that is built to screw into existing household E27 sockets and fixtures. The other end has a cavity that will accept a wide range of E27 bulbs that cover a number of common voltage requirements.The makers have also packed into Vocca all the hardware that will be required to give basic dumb bulbs the ability to stay alert for an all-powerful voice command. More specifically, the Vocca with respond to, “Vocca switch light” to either switch on or off the bulb attached to it.

While it might seem difficult to envisage situation where we can use voice-activated light, ActiVocal sees a number of useful scenarios for the same, including not having to get out of bed, leaving or coming back home with your hands full, medical conditions that restrict movement, or simple laziness. The company has also created a brilliant video to extoll the virtues and potential uses of the Vocca and what it is all about.

The company says that Vocca owners will be able to use their existing light switches if they want. They have plans to create a Vocca Pro model adaptor that will be customisable and also offer more than the basic gadget. It will support custom voice phrase commands and talk to Android and iOS mobile apps too.

The device will, of course, face stiff competition from many other devices. There is the Emberlight that also separates the smart art from the light bulb and works with standard light bulbs.

The Insteon smart home platform plans to make a strong connection to Windows 8.1 mobiles.

Google and Apple have plans to incorporate the abilities of a smart home in to Android and iOS devices through Nest and HomeKit.You buy Vocca from

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