Roadtrip Experience Project: Bonhomie on the move

The man behind Roadtrip Experience Project, Jay Ahya  

Roadtrip Experience Project brings together stuff that dreams are ideally made up of. An idea put to implementation last year the Bengaluru-based techie Jay Ahya and four others from Mumbai and New Delhi; their desire to bridge together people belonging to radically different professions in one mad travel experience that promises to bond them like never before is now a reality.

Among these travellers you are bound to find a passionate bunch of artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers and photographers who will also be collaborating with region-specific personalities and locals for a series of artsy projects in a matter of 12 days. Sounds exciting? There’s more to it.

While the five-member RTX team were north-India bound, enroute to the Himalayas and the areas in its vicinity last year, when they zeroed in on 27 profiles of the travellers out of the 150-odd applications received for the trip, this year’s project will have them heading the heart of the North-East, into the alluring natural riches of Nagaland, Assam and Meghalaya.

“I pounced on this, after I heard of a collaboration of artists in Delhi, all teaming up for a project.

So I wondered, how interesting would it be to bring people who know nothing about each other from different parts of the country and the world to join the trip. Although you do make newer friends and realise your identity as you travel, the bond that nurtures when you team up with literal strangers for a project is on another level altogether,” states Jay.

Given the demand they had this year for slots, the North-east trip would have them finalise only 16 people. There’s a childlike glee on their faces when they speak of receiving applications from the UK, US and France with referrals from the likes of Harvard and Stanford universities for of this.

From attending a music fest in Shillong to exploring the living roots bridges in Nongriat, Meghalaya to experiencing their culture on the river island, the participants will also be collaborating with local musicians, artists and designers for projects on art, music, film and fashion respectively.

Agreeably enveloping the surreal nature of the same is the practical reality of bringing sponsorships for the event. Interestingly as they mention having tie-ups with a lot of cab, soft-drink majors and movie production houses, they know the need to take that big leap ahead for the times to come.

“Starting this year, we plan this to be a bi-annual project as we’re still learning a lot to make this happen,” admits Charan, a programmer in the team.

As the organisers shift between their jobs and the event, they seem to be in a happy space, facilitating friendships, in an unconventional, yet effective, form .

The Roadtrip Experience 2.0 flags off in Dimapur on October 13 and will conclude on October 25 of the month.

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