Joy of Being: Complete Acceptance and The Sanctioned Reactions

The principle of Dharma or the right way of Life was laid down to avoid conflict with the individual rights and the need for society to grow together. It seems in Kali Yuga a sanctioned chaos (where the balance gets tested continuously and in many ways) has arisen and in my view this is the appropriate time for one to move from a pure righteous path to a spiritual path followed righteously.

By now everyone must be confused as to how and for what are we responsible for! The solution is to understand we are only moving from one experience to another. Even at the cost of repetition let me restate what I had expressed in a different context. The real solution to have complete acceptance and still keep acting as circumstances or our nature compels one to act would be to see Life as a movie. We can identify with the actor and undergo their suffering or joy by participating and identifying as much as we want to with the hero / heroine as the case may be. This power of non-identification or becoming the observer is the choice we have. Once we start observing then the need to judge or react to things / events / persons will reduce automatically.

‘Just observe' is the Mantra to success and happiness. First Nature's events must be observed, then our reactions, finally others reactions. Even when you are upset or angry or hurt or depressed, one minute realization that you need not be so (i.e. upset / angry / hurt / depressed) will stop the negative cycle of thoughts.

Therefore, complete acceptance does not mean subjugation to what is without attempting to correct the situation. The sanctioned reactions are the ones which arise in order to compel us to act and progress and surmount the adversity we may face. However, the ownership of that reaction or even the subsequent action need not be taken on oneself. Instead, when we become the observer, we will realize the actual owner is Mother Nature or the Gunas (tendencies) which She has cast into Endless Time. It is well known to most that there are largely three types of tendencies – one which is dull and non-action oriented (this is not the acceptance we speak of). Such a tendency will be loath to act or if at all, they act will do so without applying themselves fully. The second type is highly action oriented and powerful in their pursuit of goals or desires. However, simply because of their passionate embrace of action (may be even regardless of consequence to others) this tendency oriented persons will abrogate to themselves the ownership of their actions and therefore they will feel the full impact of the consequences good or bad. The third type will be relatively more balanced with the right mix of acceptance while pursuing action judiciously and not being ruthless or overbearing (bearing in mind others' welfare). However, this does not mean they are above reactions. It does seem that for a person to evolve, it is necessary to progress from the dull state to the action orientation to be followed by a balanced and righteous actions state. However, neither of the three types of actions is the spiritual path we speak of as that is above all the three types.

Even as that evolution goes on (or even if not happening), a spiritual aspirant would completely surrender to the Lord (Self within) all effort and the outcome also. While a reaction or desire may arise, any action which follows will not be the result of an uncontrolled urge (with anger or pressure) but with calm faith.

The way to judge whether an action or process is sanctioned or not would be to see whether one is calm and composed while acting and not stressed. Similarly, in all relationships the need is to move from an initial period of excitement to a calm and relaxed state of acceptance (ideally by both, if not at least by one). Lastly, if there is any apprehension about the chosen action, a silent prayer to the Lord with a calm Mind is all that needs to be done. Analysis would be only for the sake of avoiding factual mistakes or to use any learning obtained from previous experiences. Then all aspects of Life (including the so called bad experiences) can be enjoyed/understood in themselves and the outcomes will also reflect that. This means what one would normally have deemed as not a good outcome may even be reclassified in future because of the benefit one got (the effect may be even in future births!). One can be content that He knows what is best for one and be Happy and Joyful in following the path He leads one in.


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