Joy of being: Beliefs, Value and Positive Energy

Most of us have a tendency to talk about a problem and not about the action to solve the problem. This would again result in negative energy being circulated and the Mind would further strengthen its tendency to revel in negativity and not look to the positive. This tendency if not curbed actively by observing and not allowing to take root will make not only our lives miserable but more importantly make the life of others involved with us exceptionally unhappy and negative.

In this background then, the first motive or value we need to pursue is that one would need to be positive in Life and spread Happiness all round if possible or if not at least refrain from spreading negative emotions / vibrations. This value has to be the bedrock of all our other values to enable us channelize not only our energies but also the energies of all those connected with us to improve the world around us initially and when in the spiritual path it bestows on one a largeness to encompass the whole Truth. This is one of the main reasons why envy, jealousy, negative criticism or putting down others, rather than affecting them affects the person who gives room for them. Many paths and philosophies in fact link a Love of all as the ultimate goal one can achieve in our practical Life.

The same applies to our beliefs. As we can understand, if we believe we can be happy whatever the circumstances, our actions would start getting coloured with that perspective. This is not the same as being optimistic. Even while being realistic one must not allow the thoughts to drift to the negative spectrum. As we know, a glass can be half full or half empty, but when fully empty we must have the strong belief that by our efforts and the Higher Power's Grace, we can either fill that glass or find another glass, filling which would give us equal or greater Happiness.

One final point we need to bear in mind is how we communicate even negative feedback or in normal conversation. If we took the example of the ill person, the ideal way of being positive would be to talk about the various matters which would make him / her happy first and then refer to how he / she feels now. Many times, if the question was asked first the answer would be ‘awful' and if asked after a positive conversation, it would be ‘not so good but now better'!

We saw earlier, the role of the Gunas and how Faith can help us emerge out of their shadows. Irrespective of whether one is a spiritual aspirant or not, actions require energy and negative thoughts, anxiety, worry etc. sap one's energy. We must not forget that we are devolved from the Higher state of consciousness where It has allowed limitations to be put on Itself. Therefore, when we are not in communion with the Self, it becomes our duty to develop a positive attitude to overcome these limitations. The Western world has tried many methods, including auto-suggestion – i.e. repeatedly telling oneself to be positive. These have their place especially when one totally lacks self-confidence. The same happens in laughter therapy. I am sure, science will have its theories to prove which part of the brain gets stimulated to allow positive thoughts to arise. But once we accept this is not mechanical but we can influence it by our thoughts, we need to set a trend in motion so that, that becomes a habit ingrained in us in this birth (and in future births too, if one believes in that).

Positive thinking will not be the ultimate solution of release from Karma or bondage to thoughts but we can build up a surface happiness and a better future by being positive and enthusiastic. As we have seen in the past, negative thoughts will come back till we become thought free but we need to actively reject and overcome them till we reach the stage of surpassing all thoughts. This is what is in our control now.

Such a rejection is possible only when we have a strong belief in a few things. Like science proves through experiments we need to prove through experience. Till then we must believe. Believe in the power of being positive, enthusiastic and the words of others who mean well for us. But foremost is our belief in a Higher Power and Its unerring guidance in the right path. Then all effort is made without negative thoughts attached but with the certainty that the outcome is what He intended. This will seem a blind belief initially but when the time is right, it will be experienced. Without this seeming irrational belief, one is prone to opening the door very quickly to mental suffering.

Therefore, for one to lead a happy life on the surface and most importantly to pursue a spiritual path without being driven to do so by despair, it is essential to hold His hand and walk down the path of Life's experiences savouring them. Whenever the negative outcomes and adversity seem too many, one needs to exclusively concentrate on each action so that each action is free from the contamination of the earlier experience and related thoughts. At the same time, the firmer we hold His hand the more will smiles arise even in the face of the greatest adversity. The strength of our belief in His unerring guidance is the ultimate test He puts to Himself in the garb of a human being before the doors to the Highest happiness, i.e. Bliss in Itself opens.


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