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Dating is difficult. Dating on Tinder, even more so. Because, let’s face it: it’s worse when you don’t know what you’re up against. That ruggedly handsome man, staring into the distance in his Tinder profile picture, smiling slightly and immersed in thought, might just be coming up with innovative ways to make a dashing political statement… with his chest hair. Be prepared for the persuasive one who offered a very convincing argument to get you to go on the date… he might also offer you an insurance policy. The cute boy with the mischievous smile? On the first date, he’s going to flick your phone and take flight while you are looking for the waiter. Then you’ll have the wisdom to not go on a second. Or at least, leave behind your valuables this time around. And that sweet guy who promises to make you laugh… there’s no way of knowing if that’s going to be uncontrollably, or uncomfortably. You might want to have that clarified.

There are many things that can go horribly wrong on a Tinder date. A new video, 'Tinder in India', written and directed by comedian Anuvab Pal, chronicles some of them. Featuring Lekha Washington as the single woman who braves the app (and a host of men), the video portrays some real stories and some made-up ones… though it is decidedly difficult to tell which is which.

Tinder, since it became all the rage in India a year ago, has led to the birth of many spin-off apps in the country. Woo, made in Mumbai, is meant for meaningful relationships. Matchify, from Chennai, tries to find us long-lasting ones. DesiCrush, named to leave no room for doubt, connects Indians even outside the country and holds the promise of everything ranging from innocuous friendships to, well, matrimony. Yep, that escalated quickly.

Yet, the young and restless have bought into these apps, trying one or more of these platforms in pursuit of prince/princess charming. And some have stuck by the apps even when the outcomes have been downright alarming. Because, despite all the jokes, these apps provide opportunities for the single urban Indian, that no other platform does.

The stories often range from heart-warming to hilarious, with the latter grabbing the attention of the media and creating content for comedians around the country. The new video, which has crossed over 60,000 views in two days, is precisely that. “The video is intended to be entertaining and doesn’t have a larger social message… as far as I’m concerned, there are some very good men in India,” says Lekha, who, in the video, gives up on the lot of them and decides to adopt a cat. She says she had good fun hanging out and acting alongside some really funny guys while working on the video.

Though she has never tried Tinder herself, she says, being part of this project has revealed a little more about the app. “Since this video came out, a whole bunch of people have been telling me their Tinder stories… some good, and some bad. But apparently, all the action is on matrimonial websites,” says Lekha.

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