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Mumbai-based consulting homeopath Rajan Sankaran   | Photo Credit: 18dmchomeopathy

“Writing, to me, is a function of conveying to the people my passion. It’s about making someone see what I see, making them perceive the reality the way I do,” says Mumbai-based consulting homeopath Rajan Sankaran about his latest book “Natural Kingdoms – Healing with Homeopathy”.

With its lucid style and storytelling format, the book makes for interesting reading. It talks about the homeopathic process through case studies of three patients highlighting not merely symptoms of diseases but also the accompanying feelings and sensations of each individual that are mandatory for precise remedy.

“It was my earlier experience with writing ‘Homeopathy for Today’s World’ that made me change the format this time. This book had become very technical and therefore appealed to a select readership of intellectuals and medical experts. I want to help more and more people through my observation and perception. And so ‘Natural Kingdoms’ is woven around three interesting case studies.”

The book reiterates that each individual’s symptoms need to be perceived through a greater understanding of the experiences of his life. In that sense, then, is the book not closer to the concept of spiritual healing as it takes into account the feelings and dormant sensations of a human body to reach the deeper causes of the disease? “Fundamentally, all modalities of healing are similar in the way that they are not superficial but holistic. The only difference is that homeopathy is a very universal scientific method – bringing out remedies, putting symptoms into repertories, administering medicine in a specific way. It is tailor made for every individual. It treats even babies. It is a scientific study of epistemology and experience.”

Is there a possibility of people reading his book, analysing their own symptoms and using the medicines as described by him in certain ailments and problems? “There are several books on homeopathy written specifically with diseases and their symptoms and prescribing remedies for the same. But if one wants to benefit through homeopathy then one must consult a qualified homeopath. The symptoms require a deeper understanding to pick out the exact remedy. These self help books do not have enough information to cure a disease,” explains Rajan.

He says that though homeopathic medicines taken across the counter will not usually have side effects, they will not treat a patient. And while they may provide symptomatic relief, the disease may only progress instead of mitigating.

So then what percentage of people actually believes in homeopathy? “In India the acceptability is very high as compared to the rest of the world”, he states, “and there are a lot many allopathic doctors that work alongside homeopathic consultants.”

The calm and poise that Rajan exudes perhaps emanates from the aura that surrounds him. Even as he says that he lives “in the moment”, and is a “happy man” in a “good space”, he shares his unique experience of meeting his guru; an experience that borders on the supernatural. He had been reading about the Advaita Vedanta philosophy of oneness after which he began to pray that the Shankaracharya of Kancheepuram initiate him into spirituality.

He also had a spiritual experience which changed him completely as it exposed him to a new dimension of reality. From being “not a happy man earlier”, Rajan learnt not to have expectations from people. “All the stress comes from within you. And peace also has its home within you.”

So how does he bring about peace in his otherwise hectic schedule and maddening pace of work? “I have been learning Hindustani classical music for 25 years now and I sing every day for half an hour. I see myself dissolve in the raga. And I teach meditation. I teach how to get in touch with your silent space. To see temporariness of all phenomena and see yourself as a fixture amidst it all.” That and communication with close friends, a walk by the beach and good food, make for his stress busters.

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