BITSians’ Day is here

On the first Friday of August every year, all BITSians - graduates from BITS Pilani - go back to college. They walk down memory lane, revisit their alma mater, to every redi, every college fest and every screwed-up test. Incidents, accidents and laughing riots resurface, crushes are re-born and everybody - irrespective of age - becomes a campus-trotting teenager. This one day, filled with nostalgia and reminiscence, packs in four (or five) years of college life.

We share four or five wonderful years of our lives in college; we dwell under the same shelters, nourished by the same hands, groomed and polished by the same alma mater. Ushered into life by the same set of caring hands, we are molded by the same kind of experiences. Slowly, year after year, we incorporate into ourselves the traditions which have been, and will continue to be, the foundation of batches upon batches. Reading the same books, fed by the same messes, treading the same paths, marveling at the beauty and insanity of our campus lives, we develop an unbreakable bond with every fellow BITSian on earth. BITSians’ Day is the celebration of that very bond we share.

This day, proud-to-be-BITSians around the world don their BITS T-shirts to work, connect with BITS fellows in their workplace. Last year, over 1500 students of the college, in over 75 companies all over the world, wore the T-shirts to work and organised get-togethers in their workplace, wading through memories of the glorious prime days of their lives, recollecting incidents and events from their days at the campus.

From Adelaide, Australia to Vancouver, Canada, in over 100 venues, ex-students of the college will meet up today in thousands of numbers. They will come together and connect across batches, the young and the old, BITSians at heart. They will talk about their escapades on the campus, the late-night escapes to ANC, the all-nighters they pulled off for organising fests, how a thermodynamics professor gave them a tough time and so on. Stories will be shared and new stories will be born.

They will also swarm social media, posting status messages with their BITS ID numbers and sharing nostalgic photos of their journey.

It is a one-of-a-kind initiative by any alumni group. The BITSian community comes together in every way they can; virtual or offline. It is perfect testimony to the spirit. The connections that are forged or re-discovered, and the memories that are unearthed, go a long way in strengthening the BITS community. Today, we are proud to say that it is one of the strongest alumni communities in the world.

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