Santha says: Whatever will be will be

“Kuch Toh Bhi Karey Hyderabad Mein

Toh Kya Toh Bhi Hota!”

Loosely translated it can mean

“Everything that happens in Hyderabad, happens for the best!”

Like in Hyderabad, you cannot first make a menu and then go shopping for the ingredients: oh no suddenly you will be told about national shortages! And the final menu turns out perfect.

You can go antique furniture shopping and just because you found something left in an old garage and just because you have spotted it the dealer suddenly remembers that it has just now got to go to London BUT he can make an exception just for you…

Good Days or Bad Days Depend on your Thinking.

What you Call ‘Suffocation’ in a bus becomes an ‘Atmosphere’ in a Disco.

In fact a hostess told me that the best parties are where you don’t have chairs and no place even to stand.

But what do you do when people demand chairs and where the women are sitting in a tight circle looking as if they are dying to go home?

In Hyderabad where there are no known official parties (I am not talking politics of course) maybe it’s time to stop and think: do we need to attend each and every function whether we fit in or not? Finally a party is not a wedding where the responsibility of making yourself at home lies solely on you and not the hosts.

In business for example you just don’t wait: keep moving; call, sms, mail, visit someone or the other; who knows who will turn up and give you the answer to the tender you have been chasing for the last five months.

In arranged marriages if not the young scion, you may get the second cousin’s step brother who works in the US?

As to domestic help sky is the limit! Someone or the other turns up at the door and if you are not particular about references — after all every servant’s boss just went to US — you will get someone or the other.

This truism is very true of gardening. You may bring seeds or seedlings, you may have even stolen someone’s plants (In Hyderabad we condone that by claiming that unless you steal the plant it doesn’t grow?)

March 20 being World Sparrow day, Hyderabadis are being urged to save sparrows. No specific tips except keep water for birds to drink: in true form we may end up saving crows instead, which are also quite rare nowadays?

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism says, “Everything’s Possible” which now we believe. The question is what will Telangana tourism say?

As for what’s going to happen in the near future: something is going to happen that’s sure but right now it looks like the grass is greener on the other side?

Armchair politics has gone out of the window.

Just watch out: the youth are coming together to vote and make a change for the better because

Kuch Tho Bhi Karey, Kya Toh Bhi Hota!

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