Which road do I choose?

Author Shivani Nath  

When talent is appreciated, it grows. And, Shivani Nath is one such example. Shivani has been passionate about writing from the age of five. Appreciated and encouraged by her family and teachers, Shivani started writing at the age of five. She began with short stories and poems, and the next thing she knew; she has a book of her own. With immense support from her parents, sister, teachers and peers, she has been able to fulfil her dream, the dream of getting her own book published.

Who is the main person behind the success of this book?

It was my English teacher in Std VII, NCS Port Blair, who first recognised my talent and pushed me to write more. I would like to thank my parents who have been very supportive of my decision and rendered all the help required to fulfil my dream and my sister, Devyani, who has been a patient reader, after the completion of every chapter.

What's the theme based on?

Like every other child, I too grew on reading the books of J.K. Rowling and Enid Blyton. I have always had a passion for writing but the idea, theme of my first book was not planned. There was a rush of ideas and the next thing I knew, I was already in front of the computer giving life to my ideas.

How do you strike a balance between your education and passion?

I spend most of my Sundays writing. Presently in Std X, I want to concentrate more on studies.

So will writing take a backseat then?

No, I will continue writing but education will be my priority now. After the success of her first book, the response she has received at school has been very good. She feels a sense of pride when her friends look up to her and give her due credit for her hard work. She finds the whole concept of being a ‘ celebrity' a little new and she's still adjusting to it. She's extremely happy that she has achieved what she had aimed for and that there is no looking back. Her passion has grown even more and she's currently working on her new book, The Necromancer.

Her message for young authors is, “Do not be afraid to make mistakes because you'll grow only then.”

Plot Unveiled

My Final Abode, her debut novel, revolves around the life of Annalisa, her only friend — her second cousin Jerry and her widowed mother's unspoken lesson to never fall in love with the rich. But as fate has it, Annalisa falls in love with the forbidden, a prince. Adversity requires her to age before time and responsibilities rob her of her innocence.

The story takes a nasty turn, when war breaks out and both the Prince and Jerry are taken away to protect the country. As the pace of the tale slows down, within a matter of pages, the author has managed to grip the attention of the readers with Anna's unexpected encounter with Jerry after three long years of separation. The past rushes back and Anna is torn between her infatuation for the Prince and her unknown love for Jerry.

The story is very unexpected and unpredictable in parts and manages to hook the readers. The author has beautifully portrayed emotions in a young girl and the umpteen questions that run through her mind. Though this is her first book and the language is very simple, it conveys a lot.

Prerna is a II B.A. B.L (Hons.) student at Saveetha University.

Title: The Final abode

Author: Shivani Nath

Publisher: Power Publishers

Price: Rs. 295

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