What are we doing?

A government works for the welfare of its citizens. To ensure their own prosperity, the citizens must wish for the robustness of their government. They should eagerly support the government and have to be acquainted with their part of responsibility in that. Citizens should rely on the Constitution and ardently believe in the progress.

Our gain or loss

A few of us criticise and curse the progress of the nation. And sometimes it seems to be quite abstruse whether we are looking for improvement or deterioration. Once in an electric train, a group of gentlemen, around 50 years of age, were returning home from work. They were seated comfortably. They had also taken up two more seats by placing newspapers and bags they had with them.

They had reserved those seats for their group members who were waiting in the next station to board that train. Their topic of that day was “social progress of the country in another 20 to 30 years”.

Fault finding

Their conversation got heated up; sparks flew. They were berating the government and its system and satirising the society. One of them enunciated that even if a hundred Gandhis came, today's India will not flourish. Why should only Gandhi be our saviour, while we keep on cursing and do nothing?

There are a few others, who do something. What do they do? They agglomerate a group, and impel the Government for their own gratification. They encroach on the railway tracks, halt trains and leave others to suffer. Threatening and almost paralysing the functioning of the government would not bring about any good outcome.

All these would only propagate the belief that the government is fragile and would also deflate the faith that the coming generations will have on the government.

The prosperity of a State begins and ends with its citizens. Of course, the government is responsible, but, at the end of the day the beneficiaries or losers are the citizens themselves.

K. CHANDRA MOHAN, II Year, B.Sc. Psychology, University of Madras

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