The perfect companion

For fun times: Pillow fights!   | Photo Credit: ALBERTO PIZZOLI

Today, while I lay in bed, I figured out the one thing that would fit many a roles in our lives — a pillow. The Oxford dictionary defines the pillow as a cloth bag stuffed with feathers or other soft material used to comfort or support the head while lying or sleeping. Besides its conventional uses, a pillow can be much more to the human race.

True friend

A pillow is the perfect companion on a heart-broken evening. While ice cream and chocolates are never going to love you back, instead will make you gain those pounds, a pillow will soak up your tears with not a single complaint. It will patiently caress your damp cheek (unless you've clothed it in a rough cover), and respect your outburst in silent comfort. It will even withstand the brunt of your angry petulance.

Would any of your humans be willing to do that? Imagine your boyfriend or girlfriend displaying so much fortitude in utter tranquillity. It sure is a rare quality to find.

Talking of boyfriends and girlfriends, a pillow would make a perfect substitute for either. A soothing and enduring listener, it'd also make a great companion to the movies! Just imagine, you don't have to buy it a ticket, you can carry it around everywhere you go, keeping a close check on its activities, and it would never crib about you being too heavy to lean on it. It is ever accommodating. Sure, it might not have the ideal body structure you're looking for, but it's the inside that counts, right? Also, you can ignore it and take to a new one, without worrying about possessiveness, jealousy or depression.

Pillows would also make great babies. You can cuddle them; play with them without worrying about labour pain, long, sleepless nights to hush them to sleep or changing diapers. They will never be demanding, irritable or expensive. Plus, they will never grow, so your shopping and housing expenses are on the low.


With the new invention of pillow pets, pillows are also being used as substitutes for pets. The same benefits apply; you can own a pet minus the barking, food expenses and cleanliness issues. They're hugable, toothless and require no exercise.

Despite many advantages, pillows are not being used for the aforementioned purposes, save its standard use. This is because their major drawback remains their inability to reciprocate. Words of wisdom, though buried somewhere in the deepest seamed cores of its feathers, does not surface due to its apparent lifelessness. But even in its inertia, it is a great embodiment of compassion, forbearance and a silent, yet endearing friend. Alas, only if it were endowed with life!


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