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Pretty in make-up

“She has painted her face with so much make-up.”

“And did you see that actress? Beautiful? You should see her without make-up.”

These are some of the most clichéd lines you hear from men, and sometimes also women, when they see a well-groomed person. This is prevalent in social circles when people blabber about how others look if they run out of things to talk about. But there also exists an ugly stereotype that depicts women, who are well-groomed, as arrogant and aloof.

There is no harm in enhancing our beauty, is there? Sometimes we like to look into the mirror and see our reflection as beautiful as we would like it to be. After a long, tiring day, no one wants to see themselves in the mirror. The urge to groom ourselves is there in everyone — male and female.

Fashion is a million-dollar industry and continues to thrive. And there is always that one friend in your group who becomes the fashion police. However, next time you pick up that kajal, don’t give it a second thought because you were teased at college. Forget it. Celebrate your beauty. The rest can zip their mouths and stop putting labels on women.

Sandhya is a student of MSc Psychology at Madras University.

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