Nosy, but nice

Brothers in arms... Photo: N. Sridharan   | Photo Credit: N_Sridharan

As my eyes roved over the home page of my Facebook account, I sensed someone staring at it over my shoulder. I didn't need to turn back to know that it was my little brother. He always did that.

Being an older brother, I have always envied my friends who were younger siblings or the only child. They always seemed to have more freedom and money to spend.

Moreover, younger brothers can cause a lot of trouble when they poke their noses into our business. They prove to be a big nuisance and sometimes hate arises amidst annoyance.

I ask myself, “Why couldn't I have been born an only child like my friends?”

Change of heart

But later it dawns on me that though he might be a nuisance, when there is a crisis, he is the best person to put my faith in. The bond between siblings is the strongest one in the world. Feeling guilty after having hurt the feelings of a younger sibling is an emotion common to most older siblings.

It is true that having siblings is the most underrated thing in the world.

After all, isn't it a reassuring thought that there is someone out there you can trust to lend you support in the direst of situations?

R. BALAKUMAR, XII A, DAV Boys school, Gopalapuram

The bond between siblings is the strongest one in the world.

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