Nerdy notes

How to look like a nerd? Start by sporting a pair of spectacles. Photo: K. Ananthan   | Photo Credit: K_Ananthan

How to get baptised in geek nation….

While you are at home:

Surround yourself with insanely boring scientific journals, magazines, newspapers, old Clarke's tables books, scientific calculators unanimously reading SYNTAX ERROR (you are the genius who outwitted the calculator) Defend your territory with R.D Sharma, H.C Verma and Yashwant Kanetkar or spend a few grand buying India's No.1 competitive book weighing 2.999 kilos with 2539 pages to crumple and accessorise your haphazardly arranged book shelf (just in case you run out of ideas). Paste as many rainbow-coloured sticky notes on to the top right corners of each page (you might end up sticking a few to your Einstein-like frizzy hair!) Scribble a computer program on the four walls of your tiny enclosure. Objective achieved! Congratulations! You have finally managed to sport an ‘I am always up to something' look.

Waiting for your bus:

Walk around or take quick short steps with bursts of Brownian finger movements. ( Doing mental calculations eh?!) Fix a couple of ballpoint pens over your ever growing circuitry system of keratin. IDEA: they serve as antennae to receive signals from other planets! Write four to five math formulae in each finger (to have something on your fingertips seems to be better than nothing!) Believe me! Your body language will talk volumes of your core personality!

Inside the campus:

Get into the groove and set impossible standards for your peers. First, your costume should create a buzz about the ingenious techniques of dressing. I would suggest a simple bright bandana around your neck, big sundial over your right hand wrist (there is no hard and fast left hand rule when it comes to style!). And most importantly, a pair of black, full framed spectacles leaves the viewer with a spectacular impression. Inside the classroom, don't hesitate to flood the professor with questions even if it's an ersatz of an unknown fact. This should take care of your internal marks.

Mission Impossible; Now Accomplished: Welcome to the family of the GEEKS.

G. Vandana, I year, Chemical Engineering, SSN College Of Engineering

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