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Smile: Are you happy?  

During a discussion in class, a question came up — what is happiness? The question is pretty simple, but it got me thinking. Happiness is basically not being sad. It is doing what you like to do. It is also working hard without feeling the burden of the effort you take, and keeping yourself occupied and surrounded by positive and upbeat people. But above all, happiness is watching your dreams come true.

From all the above statements, it is clear that happiness is doing things you like for most of the time. This can only be achieved if you make your passion your profession. It is said that if you are good at something, don’t do it for free. If you can make a living doing that one thing you love doing, then rest assured, that life can never get any better. The biggest problem is identifying that one thing. The second problem is convincing your family that what you have chosen is good enough. Though you will face many challenges initially, it will be worth it in the end.

To the students who are about to choose their course for higher education soon, take your time and discover that one thing you love doing. Make it your dream, your greatest desire and work toward it. Keep thinking about it and try to visualise your dream. When you truly want something, the universe conspires with you in helping you achieve it. Your passion will one day become your profession. You will then live your dream. You will be happy every day. Though it may seem like a huge gamble right now, 10 years from now you will know it was the best decision you ever made. You will be doing what you love and loving what you do. Success and happiness will be yours forever.

Neha is a II year ECE student at RMD Engineering College.

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