Good Grief

I’m a senior student and I was my teacher's favourite until a junior said something about me. Now she has stopped talking to me. She has started punishing me for things I have not done and when I defend myself she takes me to the principal's office. Even during my exams, she took me to the principal’s office saying that I copied in my exams but the truth is I did not copy at all. I’m not sure about discussing this matter with my student counsellor. I have also lost concentration in my studies. I think she holds a grudge against me. She is making my life miserable, please give me a solution.

Unsure soul

You haven’t said what it was that your junior had told your teacher, and for that matter, you can’t be sure if that’s the reason your teacher isn’t treating you the same way as before. However, what’s done is done, and now you don’t have to try picking up the pieces on your own. It’s the school counsellor’s job to lend a hand in cases like this, so please take his/her assistance. You should also let your parents know about what’s going on, and perhaps they can have a word with the higher authorities about it – having an adult speak for you would only work in your favour. This teacher shouldn’t be allowed to have such a grip on your life or on the lives of students like you.

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