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All Eyes on Her by Poonam Sharma.  

We're used to the classic story of girl-meets-boy, girl falls in love, and with a few twists in the story, they live happily ever after. We're also used to the Namesake-type storylines of ABCD's or “American Born Confused Desis”.

However, talented new writer Poonam Sharma has managed to create a delightful fusion of these clichéd tales by writing about female protagonists who appeal to this new generation of globally-aware Indians.

In both novels, Sharma keeps true to her witty writing style and her own opinions on the issues these young ladies face, while also managing to display to the audience the very real cultural pressures that young Indians in the United States struggle with.

Girl Most Likely To

In her first romantic comedy novel, Sharma portrays a young Indian investment banker whose parents are very eager to get her married. She, of course, wants to be the good little girl to her parents, but slightly resents their over-involvement in her life, so she tries as hard as she can to keep her personal and family lives separate.

But, as they always do in these popular fiction stories, things manage to take a turn for the worst. Through the novel, the sassy protagonist, Vina, battles a series of dates gone wrong, an ex-boyfriend who won't go away, and a corporate scandal that could ruin her career and credibility, all while managing to strut in four-inch snakeskin Versace heels.

All Eyes on Her

This novel, released just a year later, follows the life of another young Indian woman. Monica is a lawyer at a prestigious Californian law firm that deals mainly with the marital problems of A-list celebrities. When Monica is given the case of Cameron and Lydia, Hollywood's most famous couple, she has to deal with the snooping paparazzi, the drama-queen meltdowns and the early-morning calls from her clients.

On top of this, her fiancée refuses to return her calls after their fight, her favourite cousin is pregnant leading Monica to worry about her mess of a life, and the only other female co-worker in her office hates her guts. What a (over-used but still entertaining) story!

Final say

Much like the protagonists themselves, the two new Poonam Sharma novels are witty, fresh and lively. It's quite easy to find yourself nodding along with the words of the author, empathising with the characters, imagining yourself doing the same silly things in those situations.

If you're looking to be deeply moved by the words of the author, then these aren't the books for you. However, if you just want to grab a read for a long car journey or a rainy day, then Girl Most Likely To and All Eyes on He rare definitely the books for you.

Samvitha is a student of American International School.

Title:Girl Most Likely to; All Eyes On Her

Author: Poonam Sharma


Price:Rs. 225 each

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